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Unwind and Indulge in Sanya

Sanya means three rivers and water abounds, streaming down from the unspoiled mountains nearby. The United Nations rates Sanya as one of the most desirable cities to live in, with an air quality second only to Havana in Cuba. No wonder Sanya is also known as the Hawaii of the East.

The fresh air and sunshine make Sanya an ideal place for keeping healthy and, unsurprisingly, many people live to be more than one hundred years old. The relaxed atmosphere encourages a carefree lifestyle.

Sanya city and beach provides plenty activities to help you to unwind and indulge, Sunbathe on the beach, fishing, Stroll in the sunset, lounge at a caf¨¦, relax in the hot spring or Chinese Physical Therapy like healing herbal spa/foot massage/Chinese massage/acupuncture,/cupping, or even Taiji practice, no matter how you choose, you will renew your sense and energy.

Getting weary on your tour? You would most likely want to go for a Spa or massage. The beauty-first ladies may want to change into an island-hairstyle or a sea-wave-patterned fingernail. For this regard, Sanya is second to none of its kind. What you need to do is just to relax¡­.

Hotspring¡ª¡ª Enjoy a relaxing time

There are a number of hotspring resorts in Sanya, each with varying characteristics that enable visitors to experience different hot spring environments and culture.

Pearl River Nantian Hotspring
Sanya Haitangwan Nantian Farm boasts exclusive terrestrial heat mineral water that contains "three elements", silicic acid, fluorin and radon, with average temperature of 57¡æ. The low-temperature mineral water consists of fluorin at 2.04-7.7mg/L and silicic acids at 68.5117mg/L, both are up to the standard for naming mineral water. Radon content stays at 44.36-59.86bq/L, and meets the capacity standard for hospitalized application. Available water resource of the hotsprings is 10,000sqm/day that belong to large scale medical-use hotsprings.

The natural environment and scenery at this resort is exquisite, which has 67 different hot spring pools. The spring water is crystal clear and its curing power is ideal for soothing your whole body.

Add: Nantian Farm, Haitang Bay Town, Sanya City

Paradise Rainforest Hotspring
With its beautiful Seven Fairy Mountain Range and rich geothermal resources, the Paradise Rainforest Spa is indeed a paradise for your body.

Scattered hot spring pools of different sizes create a fairy-tale impression. The hotel pools extend over more than 6,000 square metres. There are two pools serving 11 villas and a big pool serving 24 villas. In addition, there are numerous smaller interconnected pools fed by crystal clear spring water from the Seven Fairy Mountain Range. All rooms have hot spring soaking pits so that guests can enjoy the hot mineral spring water in the privacy of their own villas.

Add: Baoting Town, Sanya City
Little Fish Hotspring
Add: Fenghuang Town, Sanya City
China's No.1 Hotspring
is only about 15 minutes by car from Sanya City Centre.? On entering the area, you will see the coconut groves and grass huts that are characteristics of the Miao people.? Enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings, with its banana trees, farmers working in the vegetable fields and small creeks with water buffalos at their leisure.

Once pass the main hall, you will see the hot spring amidst a forest of coconut trees.? Over 40 wooden tubs containing natural hot spring water are distributed among the coconut trees, which serve as natural barrier or shelter for privacy.? There are also hot and cold pools for various treatments.? Each tub, accommodating 7 or 8 persons at a time, is marked to show the medicine used and the purpose of the treatment.? Choose from different baths, depending on your needs: coconut milk bath, Turkish bath and flower bath using assorted petals.

Add: Nantian Farm, Haitang Bay Town, Sanya City


The most featured trait of Sanya service in Sanya is the enjoyment given for in and out, first-class skills and exclusive tropical seascape. Most major hotels in Sanya are equipped with a massage centre and spa as well, where guest can enjoy a relaxing massage at the spa, or even on the beach or in the gardens, in the gentle cocopalm breeze.

Choose the scented oils to be used for your body, hand and foot spa massages, to enjoy spa care in Sanya, nursing products made from fresh papaya and coconut essence oil might top your options. With tender fruit elements absorbed rapidly by skin enhanced by spa of the massage technicians, your skin will be rejuvenated and nourished. After a long day at the beach or on the golf course, spa is an ideal way to unwind and nourish your body.

Sheraton Mandara Spa
Add: Sheraton Resort, Yalong Bay National Resort District
Business Hours: 10:00¡ª23:00
Marriott "Quan" Spa
Add: Sanya Marriot Resort & Spa, Yalong Bay National Resort District
Business Hours: 09:00¡ª21:00
Hilton Spa
Add: HIlton Resort & Spa, Yalong Bay National Resort District
Business Hours: 10:00¡ª22:00
Gloria Thai Spa
Add: Gloria Resort, Yalong Bay National Resort District
Business Hours: 10:00¡ª24:00
Mangrove Tree Resort Spa
Add: Mangrove Tree Resort, Yalong Bay National Resort District
Business Hours: 10:00¡ª22:30
Holiday Inn Spa
Add: Holiday Inn, Yalong Bay National Resort District
Business Hours: 10:00¡ª23:00
Crown Plaza Resort Spa
Add: Crown Plaze Sanya Resort, Yalong Bay National Resort District
Business Hours: 10:00¡ª22:30

Chinese Physical Therapy

Chinese medicine is a treasure dates back over 5000 years, starting from the Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor to the present days, has evolved into a complete health-care and therapeutic system. The unique weather condition of Sanya gives advantages to the Chinese physical therapies, where you will be effectively and pleasantly served with such authentic treatments as massage, acupuncture, herbal bath cupping etc.

Chinese massage utilizes various techniques and works on different pressure points to soothe muscle pain and cure certain illnesses. The treatment is suitable for pulled muscles, small injuries and joint dislocation. Regular massage therapy can increase your metabolism and enhance your immune system, keeping you young and prolonging your life.

Zu YuanTang
services include body massage, foot massage, hand massage and shoulder massage, physiotherapy, with excellent view of the river while you relax and enjoy your treatment.
Add: Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 10:00-1:30
Hai Zhi Meng Health Care Centre
Sservices include body, foot, hand and shoulder massage, physiotherapy and beauty salon.
Add: Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-24:00
Tian Ying Beauty Salon
is located in in Sanya's West River West Road. Massage services include traditional Chinese, Thai, Japanese massages and also oil massage, foot massage and Chinese herbal massage. All massage rooms are clean and equipped with TV and massage chairs. Try the foot and shoulder or back massage at the same time. Foot massage starts at 25 RMB.
Add: XiangTai Building, Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-24:00
Guo Yi Tang
Add: 3/F, Tianshan Building, Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours:11:00-2:00

Beauty Salon & Hairdressing

Well-equipped salons barber¡¯s mainly line along Xihexi Road of Sanya, some high-profile hotels have their own hairdressing setups. For the beauty-first goers, choose a salon to restore your skin after a sunbath is a very enjoyable thing. Surely you can as well make a nicely-shaped hairstyle before departure.

Jin Hai An Beauty Salon
Add: Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-24:00
Tianying Beauty Salon
Add: Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-24:00
Tianbao Jiali Flagship Beauty Salon
Add: 2/F, Tianshan Building, Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 10:00-2:00
Hai Zhi Meng Beauty Salon
Add: By the Agricultural bank of China, Hexi Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-12:00

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