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Sanya golf

Forever Tropical Paradise-Sanya
¡¡ Boundless ocean, gentle sea breeze, sparkling sands, coconut trees, coastal sunset, verdant mountains, dancing egrets, nameless flowers¡­
¡¡This is Sanya!
¡¡The place to roll out your dream vacation.
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HOT RECOMMENDATION All Hotels All Apartments  
dadongseaCity Link Hotel
  City Link Hotel
Pending 3-¡ï
Top deals from£º 290 RMB more
sanyabayLeaguer Resort Sanya Bay
  Leaguer Resort Sanya Bay
Top deals from£º 490 RMB more
sanyabayPullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort and Spa
  Pullman Oceanview Sanya Bay Resort and Spa
Top deals from£º 990 RMB more
sanyabayLa Costa Seaside Resort Hotel Sanya China
  La Costa Seaside Resort Hotel Sanya China
Pending 5-¡ï
Top deals from£º 690 RMB more
sanyabayNarada Resort and Spa Sanya (EX- Kempinski Resort)
  Narada Resort and Spa Sanya (EX- Kempinski Resort)
Top deals from£º 1290 RMB more

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Incomparable Local Knowledge¡¡We are in Sanya Hainan Island China, We know Sanya Hainan Island best, and have personally visited all of the properties on Hainan Island that we represent! From five star hotels, budget hotels, attraction spots, to every vacation apartments and every travel itinerary.

Honest Opinions¡¡Our recommendations are frank and open with your needs as the priority. Benefit from the grassroots experience accumulated by www.sanyatraveluide.com and the precious feedback received from visitors. We tell you about subtle details that will ensure you obtain best value and avoid minor pitfalls.

Service available on hand¡¡We are in Sanya Hainan Island, so we are always available on hand with the arrangements through-out the entire process of your Sanya Hainan vacation / holiday / tour / trip, particularly if your Chinese is a little rusty.

Customer Focus¡¡ We know Sanya Hainan Island best, we'd like helping you to find the perfect resort hotel and accommodation, flight ticket, local transportation, attraction, shopping and more at the best budget, help you to save your money.

Fully Customized Packages¡¡Not a vacation identical with an outmoded guide-book which edited and published in a foreign country thousands miles away. We are right here in Sanya Hainan Island, with the first-hand fresh Sanya travel information, we can surelly help you design and customize your own ideal Sanya Vacation/holiday/tour/trip whatever!
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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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