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Flights and other ways to Sanya

How to get Sanya? By flights, bus, ferry or train? No matter you are in domestic or overseas, you will find all the ways here.

By Flight Flying is the fastest way, 95% passengers access by flight. For flights from Hong Kong to Sanya, from Shenzhen to Sanya and Guangzhou to Sanya each takes 1 hour only, for flights form Shanghai to Sanya takes two and a half hours, Beijing to Sanya flights takes three and half hours. Therefore, whether you choose direct flights from domestic China, or flights transit from other countries, all are very convenient.

Now, there are flights connect with 70 cities, including 31 international cities. Flight ticket price in Sanya may vary for different tourist flow seasons and time difference, but can be checked on our website conveniently, even the flight ticket changs every moment, we can still quote the Real-time flights information from / to sanya and book flights all over cities abroad in China.

Sanya Phoenix Airport is 20 km northwest away from the city. There is a highway linking the airport and the city center. You can take a taxi or shuttle bus to the city center.     Browse the flights schedule

By Bus If you have enough time, or if you want to get closer to the island sight, shuttle bus is your prime choice-easy and cost-effective with broad network. There is shuttle bus heading for between Sanya and Haikou every 20minutes during 7am to 6pm while change to be every hour during 7pm to 11pm.

The distance of eastern expressway between Haikou and Sanya is about
250km, passing Qionghai, Wanning lingshui etc. along the way, deluxe bus doesn't stop during the tour while charge for RMB80, takes about 3 hours, and common bus stop by every city and country while cost lower, takes about 4-5 hours.
Besides, there are more than 20 runs between Sanya and mainland province like Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangxi, etc.

By Railway Would be good for travelers with enough time and want to see more on the way, also to experience the China's first cross-straits passenger rail link from Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, to Haikou and Sanya, Hainan island.                 Check the railway timetable

By Ship Traditional way is taking a boat from Guangdong or Guangxi province to Haikou, Hainan island, But after all, you need shift your way heading for bus station to Sanya.

To date the Sanya International Wharf Has come into use. Currently a route has been opened for Hong Kong!Sanya!Vietnam Halong Bay!Hong Kong,
Which visits Sanya at Least 6 times a month. In the future more boasts from home and abroad will disembark in Sanya. By then you can go for a voyage by taking a boat to Sanya from broad.

Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruiser Port
Nestling on the side of Phoenix Island-- a large artificial island piled up at Sanya Bay, Sanya City, the Port has been completed with a berth with a capacity of 100 thousand tonnages. In the next 5 years, another two berths will be added to the port functions. Besides, it is equipped with a joint-inspection building covering an area of nearly 10000 square meters. The building is appointed with 8 frontier inspection channels, allowing multiple entities to work together at the same time, such as the Customs and the Frontier Inspection Administration. After the marina came into operation, Sanya Zhongcheng International Passenger Cruising Tourism Co., Ltd and worldly famous liners from US, Singapore, Japan and Italy have come to agreements to open many regular and irregular international services.                     Check the Ferry Table

City Transport
How to transport in Sanya? The following ways could help you to get your destination by your choice.

Taxi Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to reach the various beaches and sights. The taxi meter start with RMB5 and 2km included, then adding RMB2 per kilometer. In the national holidays including first week of Jan., May, Oct and Chinese Spring Festival, it will be an extra fee of RMB5 for first 2km, which means the basal price will be RMB10, not RMB5 as usual.

Bus The buses will lead you to every county and region in the city as well as every scenic spot and area. In fact, apart from certain more remote destinations such as Dragon Bay, the End of The Earth, the convenient city shuttle bus is the first choice for traveling.
Shuttle Lines:
Dadonghai○★West bus station. Heading for every 5minutes (No.202 and
No.204), RMB1 per person, one stop same as whole distance.
Yalong Bay○★the End of the Earth. Heading for every 15minutes, full price is RMB12 per person, can be cut down according to the distance.
Sanya Bay○★Nanshan Tourism Zone. Heading for every 20minutes, full price is RMB10, can be cut down according to the distance.

Tour microbus For a long distance or multi-spots in one day, beside taxi, tour microbus is a good choice. This is kind of private car with a personal diver especially for touring. Usually the drivers are expert in tourism as well and for about the same cost of taxi, sometimes even less. It has a regular daily rental according to the distance of the spots you plan to go.

No matter how many spots you'll go and how long you'll take within daytime, they will be the same place where you are and keep waiting. It is the most convenient way to reach the destination.

Self-driving & Rental cars Driving a car along the beach or in the mountain, discovering the world by your own with a map, that would be an unforgettable experience.
To hire a car needs license of course, but for a foreigner in China, who needs a Chinese consent, that's easy, applying to the local traffic police station with license you had,

Cars rental
There is a bunch of company offers car renting service, some of them ask forRMB3000 or more deposit as the guarantee and some ask for none, at the same time ID card, return ticket are necessary as well. You needn't pay any other tax beside the rentals. The only cost is the expenses of gasoline. If you don't have a license or don't want to take time on getting Chinese consent, just pay extra RMB100-150 per day for a driver.                        Check Availability of Rented Car

Bicycle A suntan is earned. For a coast road tour or short stretches of countryside, if you want more activity, get you a bicycle. All beachfront hotels offer bicycle renting service, choose one you like and get on your way with a map. Beside hotels, in Sanya Bay, Dadonghai district, take a stroll first, then you will find stores offering the same renting service as hotels, to tell you the truth, there you just pay less then half of the hotels.

Motorbike Motorbikes and three-wheel vehicles are very popular in Sanya. However, generally they are operated illegally and very dangerous. We suggest you not to choose them as your traffic tool during your trip.



We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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