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features snacks

Hainan Features Snacks

Most of snacks available in Sanya give dominant to coconut, for it can be found everywhere in the markets. To cite a few, the sweet jelly made of sticky rice with stuffing of coconut slices, gourd candy and peanut; the New Year cake made of glutinous rice and red sugar. Evening in the evening time, you can as well find the coconut milk porridge. If your belly can still be spared, try some local grilled seafood or fried noodles or so on.

.Sanya snacks
Baoluo Rice Noodles

You can have it with or without soup
Sanya snacks
Three color rice of Miao Clan
It is the traditional snack of Hainan Miao people. The rice roll in leaves, sweet and soft.

Sanya snacks
Bamboo Rice
Sticky rice in a fresh bamboo tube with other flavor materials. It is Hainan Li people's traditional dishes. which is baked in a fresh bamboo tube with
Sanya snacks
Bamboo Rice
The traditional way of making Bamboo Rice is bake on fire directly, now people also use steaming way. It is very famous gourmet flavor snack in Hainan province.

Sanya snacks
Coconut Rice
Coconut rice is Hainan traditional flavor rice meal which is mixed with natural copra and coconut milk. It is very popular in Hainan.
Sanya snacks
Coconut Pastry
The Main ingredient is sticky rice powder, desiccated coconut, sesame seeds, pulverized peanuts, sugar, etc. Tast sweet and delicious flavor unique.

Sanya snacks
Hainan vermicelli
Hainan vermicelli, It is aslo called salted vermicelli, is a kind of flavor snack which has a long history. It is very popular in the northern of Hainan Island such as Haikou city, Qiongshan City, Dingan and Chengmai and is the essential food in festival symbolizing good luck and longevity.

Eat in Hainan , Flavoring Your Trip with Local Delicacies!
Eat in Hainan , Flavoring Your Trip with Local Delicacies!
Iron Plate Beef TIPS Selling Price: CNY68 per portion¡­ more>>

New Year's dinner of Sanya
New Year's dinner of Sanya
    The year end should be the days for Chinese p¡­ more>>

Encounter the outstandingly delicious Li food
Encounter the outstandingly delicious Li food
The "surfing fish", the "sleep-on ¨Ctree chicken", the "un-homing cattle", the "five-leg pig",¡­ more>>

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