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Go for sumptuous life? As the only tropical seaside city of China, hotels in Sanya unquestionably top its sector in China. Which can not only offers you emperor-like service, but makes you enjoy your time to its fullest.
There are more then 170 hotels (has guest rooms over 24,000) in Sanya, most of them are resort hotels for holiday-vacationing with unique service concepts. 25 of which are 4 or 5-star hotel, Comparing with the population of Sanya, per capital ratio of hotels had topped the world average figure.
Sanya's hotels distribute on 4 districts: Yalong Bay National Resort, Dadonghai Tourism Resort, Sanya Bay resort, Urban & Surrounding Resort. Hereinafer have mentioned brief hints, But if you are a new visiter, it will be very helpfull for you to choose a hotel by browsing the detailed information of all the hotels and the district which belong to.Don¡¯t like squandering wealth as a millionaire? Make a budget of your own.
In a usual concept, how well you can be accommodated is largely decided by how much you would like to pay, but now, the rules changed. Vacation apartment, known as Bed and Breakfast in Europe and North America has been getting very popular in Sanya recently.
For smart visitors to Sanya who prefer not throwing away the great mass of budget on five star hotels and its expensive service charge, there are many spacious and luxury vacation apartments for rent in Sanya. Some luxurious vacation apartments are comparable to most luxury hotels but usually more cost-effective than regular hotels, in addition, apartments provide much more living space and an environment like a home away from home. These types of accommodations are ideal particularly for independent visitors such as back packers, business travellers and families alike, families, big or small, who wish to take from just a short hop to an extended stay in Sanya

Dinding Seafood¡¡Chinese Cuisines¡¡Worldly Collection¡¡Features Snacks¡¡Cafe & Lounge
For gourmands, Sanya is one of the most exciting targets of all for its fresh seafood. The chefs who are locally born perfectly know how to contrive appetizing flavors based on the world¡¯s most stylish cooking methods. After all, who can resist the fun and temptation while taking a sit at the seafood stall or luxurious restaurant by the picturesque waters?
Sanya not only features local cuisine, but boasts a collection of delicacies from around the country and worldwide ¡°originally imported¡± as well. If you are a vegetarian, all sorts of tropical fruits might be your favorite: mango, mangosteen, durian, pineapple, banana, litchi, longan, jackfruit, guava, and the nameless local fruits you ever heard.
Transportation City Transportation¡¡Outside Transportation
Outside Transport ¡¡How to get Sanya? By air, bus, ferry or train? No matter you are in domestic or overseas, you will find all the ways here.
City Transport ¡¡ How to transport in Sanya? The following ways could help you to get your destination by your choice.
sightseeing Sanya Sightseeing¡¡ Around Hainan Island
Flying from east to the west, drawing a bird view from the sky before landing on it, Sanya is like a beautiful tapestry emerging from the nature.
If you just want to have sunbathe and enjoy the near perfect weather, you won¡¯t leave disappointed. But with a clear blue sea on the doorstep and lush green mountains as a backdrop, Sanya offers so many unique sights, and attractions so that visitors are never short of places to see and visit. This is a city gets inspired everywhere: Unforgettable natural wonders, historic sites, local arts, culture, and entertainment. Also there are many other places on Hainan Island that you can visit while in Sanya.
The view of bright sunshine, blue water and wide beaches at Sanya, the southernmost tip of Hainan Province, attracts many regular visitors from both home and abroad year upon year. It is said that Sanya has the most well-preserved and beautiful beaches in all of China. All of the destinations of Sanya are linked to water, hence it attains its reputation as being the 'oriental Hawaii'. Now, Sanya is well known and admired as a famous coastal tourist city, with a favorable climate that includes good sunshine, seawater, beaches, green vegetation and pure air.
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The Sunny Invitation from Sanya
Lying in the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, a beachfront tropical city where the mountains, rivers, sea and sky are matched in perfect unison, Sanya boasts magic sunshine and sea, as well as old traces of fishing waters,
Augmented with unspeakably lovely climate, Sanya possessed all the necessary elements needed for a perfect tourist destination, whether you¡¯re a new visitor or returning, you will never know what kind of surprises there are waiting for you.
Getting into this paradise! discovering your ideal travel experience, Sanya will never let you leave empty hands.
Geographic¡¡ Weather Conditions¡¡ Sanya climet table(2006)¡¡ Ecological Envirronment¡¡ Marine Resources
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Ways to Get off theBeaten Path in Sanya
Discover Your Ideal Travel Experience
There is a lot to be said about exploring Sanya on your own.
Sanya offers miles of golden beaches and many beautiful attractions, but why not just relax on a hammock under a coconut palm by the sea, or enjoy the freshest coconut milk you ever had as you watch the world go by? Sunbathe on the beach, fishing, Stroll in the sunset, lounge at a caf¨¦, relax in the hot spring or Chinese Physical Therapy like healing herbal spa, massage, acupuncture, cupping, or even Taiji practice. no matter how you choose, you will renew your sense and energy.
If you want to be more active, there's no shortage of ways to get off beaten path: beach sports, water sports, diving, cycling, hiking, camping, golf and many hidden gems of interest which offers a unique sense you ever have.
A visit to Sanya will leave an indelible impression on your memory, don¡¯t be surprised of your longing of returning appeared before your departure.
specil packages

Flight + Hotel¡¡Hotel + Hotel¡¡Golf Packages¡¡Hotel Packages
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Planning a trip to Thailand for business or pleasure - why not select one of our extremely popular packages, including accommodation, daily breakfast and many other options depending on the package of your choice.
We can also assist to arrange car, golf, diving, spa, sightseeing, adventure activities during your stay. Champagne and roses in the room for you and your loved one? For those special occasions, why not tell us what specials need to be arranged for?
What we can do Golf & Spa reservaion¡¡Adventure Travel Routes¡¡ Diving and Water Sports
Air Tickets Book and Car rentals
What we can do for you?
Accommodation reservation
We offer all kinds of accommodation review and reservations for our customers, including star-rate hotels & resorts, budget hotels, luxury vacation apartments, and assist in choosing the suitable accommodation for you or your family.
Air tickets booing and Cars rental
We would love to help you rent a car and do air tickets booking on your Sanya vacations. For flight status, prices, descriptions, and photos of the various car categories.
Golf & hot spring reservation
While most of China is frozen up north and the golf courses are closed for the winter, the weather in Sanya is ideal for golfer and there are selections of quality courses. In fact, golfing is one of Sanya's principal attractions. We can assist in making reservation, no matter an extended golf holiday or just a single round with friends and associates, even a novice you are and what you need is just sharpen your skills at a golf training grounds.
There are a number of hot spring resorts in Sanya, each with varying characteristics that enable visitors to experience different hot spring environments and culture. Find one you don¡¯t want to miss with choices of special deals packages setting for.
Adventure travel routes & professional guide accompany with
Explore the hidden hikes and off-road paths of Sanya, browse the less known spot which a normal tour guide couldn¡¯t tell. Routes were designed base on personally visiting and support with professional guide availability. You may find it is hard to have this service elsewhere. Consider what activities you plan to enjoy, then pack.
Diving reservation and water sports enquire
Sanya is a perfect spot for water sports with good facilities for scuba diving, snorkeling, yachting and water skiing. The warm and clear seawater here makes this an ideal spot to indulge in your favorite maritime sports! Most of the beaches and resorts here have water sports facilities.
Bear in mind however, that safety standards are not always as strict as they may be in the west. The Hainan tourist office approves certain organizations that organize scuba diving trips and it is worth checking to us which ones are registered.

We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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