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Across The Dream Valley¡ª¡ªExploration Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone

Morning Yanoda had just been washed by a shower, the entrance of the dream valley was fulfilled strong perfume of plants. Walking into this quiet tribe, the pell-mell branches blow onto my face, the rough leaves rub over my skin, that¡¯s really a nature touch. As if oxygen could be catch just by stretching your hand, here refreshes me whole and gave me brand new light body, I can feel the wings inside me are going to come out and ahead to a joyful direction.

June is a month full of rain, especially in this year, the waterfalls and streams in Yanoda Forest Valley were all full of water, natural and pure. It¡¯s such a nice time for outdoor, natural and pure. It¡¯s such a nice time for outdoor activities, especially our plan this time-dabble on the waterfall.

Although it¡¯s called ¡°dabble¡±, it¡¯s not as easy as ¡°shifting¡± in the Kongfu stories, it¡¯s a new event developed by Yanoda, participates are required to walk in the water, to through 1200 meters long dream valley. There are deep pools and waterfalls and torrent shoal and so on valley will need a lot of courage and willpower.

As safety is always the first in consideration, the host had prepared a full set of protection: headpiece, bow protectors, gloves, knee protectors and sandal destination. And a professional coach on the whole way. We are lucky to be the first team to the challenge, all of us were so inch for a try just like cool sliding boys! But what is under our feet was not slide but sandal! It really remind us of the time when Red Army going for the 25000KM long match, and filled us with flight will! Our coach said that even in the water such kind of sandal will not slip which could make the challenge sager.

Under the lead of the coach, everyone was playsome to got to the bottom of valley, the branches and leaves under the valley was too thick that even the sun had been blocked out, they make a isolated green channel from the outside would, it¡¯s cool here and silent, totally out of the summer. Only we were cheering hotly. Chilly valley water brim over my insteps, knees, waist when coming to the deep pool I got wet all over! The old and strong bines around the rock are natural tool to climb. The valley of dream was cut in the mountain, stream water galloped down along the rock beside, sometimes the surface of the river is broad and calm, sometimes the rock aside crush the channel to a narrow rent, and the water just pouring down. The rocks had been soaked and eroded for a long time that they are extremely satiny to stand on. When we stepped into the deep place of the valley, we found rocks strew across and the stream falls. The further we go, the harder the challenge is, but it makes us more exciting!

We groped alone the way and looking for knacks down the water. Actually there are some stones down the water could be step on, and they are just one step far from each other. But if you don¡¯t look carefully and unfortunately stepped on a leave then you¡¯ll probably falling down into the water. However those stones were not well regulated. You¡¯ll need more attention to walk, or else, just like some of my colleges, you¡¯ll falling down and crying.

About an hour later, we finally get to the destination of our trip and ready for ¡°waterfall cut through¡±. There are 3 waterfalls in dream valley, they are all around 5-6meters high, and the widest place is up to 2 meters. Coach gathered us together and told us some general knowledge about cut through: ¡°grab the chain by one hand, grab the bearing by the other, step steadily, put down your center of gravity¡­¡± Those daily ¡°kids¡± in office left their quiet and gentle behind and start to cut through.

The rushing water was heating on us, our eyes could not open, out feet could not stand steadily, but the will to conquer make us hold on and keep going. Nothing could stand before us, we could make it till we win! One, two, three, 3 waterfalls, finally we stand on the valley top of victory, although we are wet all over, although some of us got hurt on arms, when we leave with our odd-smell sandal we promised that we would like to come again.

Information supply:
¡°Dabble on the waterfall¡± activity is located in the 1200 meters long dream valley in Yanoda forest, there are streams, waterfalls, rocks, huge trees and ropeway to make an exciting place to conquer. During the process, participates could try the wonder and magic of Yanoda Forest World. At the same time, the ream could be enhanced in the process by helping each other, it¡¯s a activity especially good for companies and schools.

Route of dabble:
Gate of Yanoda-dream valley service area, put on the equips-cut through the valley against water-waterfall, dabble on the waterfall-top of the valley, event ends.

love the nature and have a keen sense in environment protection;
Team oriented, follow the instruction, do not leave the team;
This is a advantage event, good physical condition is required;
This avidity is holding in the water, the stones surface is wet and slip, please pay attention;
Please prepare for another suit if you attend ¡°dabble on the waterfall¡±;
6.      Anyone who got heart disease, high blood pressure, loosen bone, habituation fracture and so on disease, those who do not fit for the acuity and high latitude avidities, please walk through plank road.



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