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things to buy

Shopping in Sanya
What would a holiday be without a spot or two of shopping? Along with its bright sunshine, Sanya can bring you an adventure in shopping.
Sanya offers shoppers a unique experience with vendors and emporiums of every size from street stalls to corner shops to hotel boutiques to large department stores stocked with locally designed clothing and goods and a wide variety of Li, Miao and Hui nationality handicrafts. Of special interest to visitors is the fact Hainan is a major producer and exporter of cultured pearls and the ideal place to source and purchase jewelers and assorted pearl products. Hainan is also known for coconut juice and coconut products, fresh and dried fruits, coffee, pepper and an assortment of spices.

What to buy?

Pearl Products
There is no reason for despair, since the rare seawater pearl products of Sanya will delight every bit as much. From ancient times, pearls have been considered to be the best jewels for women. At present, they are also made into beautiful decorations. Furthermore, pearl powder is used by many women to maintain youth and beauty. The temperature of the ocean around Hainan is perfect for culturing both black and white pearls. You can find some high quality pearls in Sanya where the best pearls are cultivated. The diameter of the biggest pearl king is 15.5 millimeters.
When shopping for pearls, make sure they are not artificial by rubbing them together or on the glass, the real pearl will leave some powder on the rubbing contact, but when you wipe away the powder, they are still smooth and radiant, without a bad sign left behind.

Crystal Products
Sanya also prides itself on its beautiful, luminous crystal. Crystals have mysterious properties that can calm your nerves, improve your memory and health, and bring you luck. Most crystal products are smelted with crystal ore at a temperature of 3,500 and are similar to natural quality. Beware however of man-made crystals made using lead that could be harmful to your health.
There are a number of ways to distinguish between man-made and natural crystals. Natural crystal can cut glass while man-made crystal cannot; natural crystal is cool and comfortable when you lick it; you can see double when you put a strand of hair under a natural crystal, due to its refractive properties, but this does not work with man-made crystal.

Specialty Local Products
If you want to return with the smell of Hainan and Sanya, Hainan specialties are something definitely can't miss. Sanya offers a big collection of Hainan specialty local products like coffee, kidney fruit, coconut pancake, coconut powderto name just a few. The products are of high quality and cost-effective, deeply favored by the visitors.
Additionally, both locals and visitors especially appreciate various tropical fruits offered in Sanya. Small banana, guava, durian, mangosteen, wampee, litchi, procession of lanterns or torches fruit, carambola, jackfruit and the most beautiful rose apple are delicious fruits to buy and sample.

Tropical Accessory Shops
Sanya offers so many shell ornaments: earrings, key chains, hair clips, rings etc., at meanwhile, with its abundance of coconut trees, handicrafts, tableware and other household items of coconut-crust carving are very popular in Sanya. A large array of products are available for even the most choosy customers, some of whom may want to take everything home as making the choice is really difficult.

Surrounded by blue water on three sides, the city teems with a multitude of sea products that make wonderful souvenirs and gifts for friends and relatives. Varieties of seashells and spiral shells in unique forms and multiple colors, some of which are natural crafts like tiger spots, white jade, nocti-light, swine shells, pearl shells, virgin shells, crown shells, septangular shells, swine ears, horse hoof that can be used for astray and big-angle shells used for clarions by the fishermen. You can buy pretty decorations and handicrafts made of shells or trumpet shells: a gift from the sea. Perhaps, however, it is more diverting to pick up some unique shells and trumpet shells along the beautiful beaches of Sanya by yourself.

Hainan Island Wears
Other than the bronze-colored skin, the cotton-made island wears fully adorned with colorful fittings made of coconut shell, seashells, corals and tropical fishes can tell you have been in Sanya, and the products are as well good presents for friends and families. Combine this with a pair of comfortable beach shoes, and your stay will be much more comfortable. Hainan island wears is not only favored by tourists, but a must in presence of all official meetings in Hainan, takes lead in the trend to Hainan fashion. Hainan island wears are available at all scenic spots, hotels and monopolized counters of Sanya.

Li Brocades
Li ethnic brocades is a wonder of cultural heritage in the history of China. It was called " Jibei Cloth" in ancient times, made of kapok plumule with diverse patterns. Li's traditional weaving craftwork boasts a history of over 3000 years, was widely known as early as in Spring and Autumn Festival, is the earliest cotton-made product of China.

Where to buy?
Most major hotels provide shuttle buses to take guests shopping, but public transport and taxis are also easy to use.
Jiefang Road is a main and the longest street that through the whole Sanya downtown and extend along with the curve of the coast. It offers local products, dining, entertainment, tours, housing, and temporary accommodations. KFC, Mcdonald's, and a variety of department stores and supermarkets are assembled here. It is measured off to be four road from one end to another, Jiefang Road it is marked as "JIE FANG (YI, ER, SAN or SI which means 1, 2, 3 or 4) LU" on the fingerpost.

Wanghao supermarket
Predecessor of the supermarket was DC Commercial City, which has now become the largest shopping oulet of Sanya after being renovated. The supermarket offers a large array of commodities. Parking won't be a trouble for self-drivers as in front of the supermarket there is a large-scale parking lot.
Add: Next to Sanya Bus Station, Jiefang Er lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours 9:0022:30

Tiancheng Supermarket
Offering diverse and complete variety of articles. If Wanghao and One-pro are two crowded, you might as well choose Tiancheng Supermarket.
Add: Next to the Ever Bright Bank, Jiefang Er Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-22:30

Wanfulong Supermarket
It offers a large blend of commercial products ranging from daily necessities to household appliances, even outdoor camping fittings are available as well. Is where a place the tourists can bring Hainan home.
Add: Opposite Sanya Bus Station, 69 Jiefang Erlu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-22:30

The 1st Market
The First Market is the biggest free market of agricultural products in Sanya City. Various local products, including all of the seafood and local fruits, are sold here at a reasonable price. It is normally very busy seven days a week packed with locals and tourists alike. in fact it is also useful to know if just for the sheer variety of items that can be bought here there whether you are looking for simple household items or cds dvd's, clothes, local tea, furniture, toys and even electrical goods.
Add: Jiefang Yi Lu, Sanya Downtown

Summer Mall
Summer Mall takes the lead in offering fashions and styles, situated gracefully on the edge of Dadonghai Square, Summer Mall is by far the only foreign-invested retailer of Sanya, is as well the only department store specializing in brand-names and fashion in Sanya. Many worlds' top brands can be found here.
Add: Dadonghai Tourism District, Sanya City
Business Hours: 9:4022:00

Sanya Pearl Square
A compound ranging 15000sqm, complete with a large-scale interior transparent atrium, giving such features as emporium, supermarket, bookstore, recreation, cinema and gymnasium.
Add: Jiefang San Lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:00-22:30

Yifang Department Store
Lies on the most bustling street of Sanya Jiefang yi Lu Covering a range of over 12000sqm consisted of 5 floors. The 1st to the 4th floors are for shopping, the 5th floor is for entertaining. Interior structure of the department is modernly furbished, in the center ofr which where is a condominium area ranging over 400sqm featuring diverse setups. In order to fit into the city positioning of Sanya as an international tropical seaside tourist destination, the store attaches treat importance ot creating an atmosphere of "oceanic world, tropical feature", which has added another new scene to the tourist attractions of Sanya.
Add: Jiefang Er Lu, Sanya City
Business Hours: 9:0023:00

Jiefang Road Walking Street
The street features the fashion trend of Sanya, lined by clusters of shop buildings, offering fashionable garments, mobile and other telecom appliances, tropical accessory, local products and exotic cuisines as a whole.
Add: Walking Street, Jiefang Er lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: 9:0023:00

Tianhong Emporium
The emporium mainly offers famous brand-name commodities and targets at high-income class and white-collar class from the tourist sector. The emporium often release promoting information for customers to search for quality, cost-effective articles.
Add: Opposite the Bus Station, Jiefang Er lu, Sanya Downtown
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-22:30 Weekend: 9:0023:00

Tiancheng shop
The earliest large-sized emporium of Sanya started by selling garments, has come into a comprehensive marketplace incorporating such commodities as garments, sideline foodstuff and household appliances.
Add: Qiche Building, 77 Jiefang Er Lu, Sanya Downtown.
Business Hours: 8:30-22:30

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Travel Shopping
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