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Vegetarianism in Sanya

New cuisine from Cantonese palace

 Pleasing Mien of Island

Location: Gui Bin Lou, Sanya
Tel: 86-898-88836666 88256666
Address: Building G, Juxin Courtyard, Yingbin Road, Sanya
Searching for delicious: Wealth into blossom, Cantaloupe boat upon river, Emperor¡¯s treasure
Environment grade: Super deluxe. Interior decoration is the royal style of dignity and elegant; a Chinese zither is placed at the hall and giving a splendid rendering of classical music, it seems high-class and valued dinning atmosphere display everywhere.

A secret recipe in pot

 Healthy Casserole

Location: Haigang Grand Restaurant, Sanya
Tel: 86-898-38283333
Address: South of Xinfeng Road, Sanya
Searching for delicious: Fried Chinese kale with almond and lily; Boiled Chinese cabbage in stock soup.
Environment grade: Leisure and relax. The restaurant is stood at the crossroads, roomy and tidy, you could have plenty choice of vegetarianism as well as seafood for meeting your appetite.

Japanese nutrimental green

 Colorful Peach Orchard

Location: Hele Japanese Restaurant
Tel: 86-898-88200667
Address: No.8 Haiyun Road, Dadonghai, Sanya
Searching for delicious: Steamed Chinese cabbage with vermicelli; Chinese salad; Hele mushroom; Grinding Tomatoes
Environment grade: Typical Japanese style packaging. It is quite dinning environment which is accompanied with pleased wind-bell¡¯s sound; you could sit in ¡°tatami¡± to get hold of exotic customs.

Treasure mushroom soup of Yunnan

Delicious Cryptogamic Mushroom

Location: Baguobuyi Restaurant
Tel: 86-898-88685688
Address: No.117 Yingbin Road, Sanya
Searching for delicious: Boiled peas with head of green;
Environment grade: Special style. The restaurant reflects how Sichuan¡¯s dinning custom, speaking loudly and drinking deeply.

Hainan,s recommendation

 Fried Quadrangular Green Beans

Location: Sanya Jiexiang Seafood Restaurant
Tel: 86-898-88363088 88285877
Address: No.16 Sanya Bay Road, Sanya
Searching for delicious: Fried head of green with fresh mushrooms
Environment grade: Tiny but lots of characteristics. The restaurant is confronted with Sanya Bay, you are able to see morning break ad sunset during different dining hour, and you could also enjoy the seas sounds in your ears while breeze touches your face.

Xiangyou dished in big bowl

 Dainty wild vegetable

Location: Xiangbobo Hunan and Jiangxi Restaurant
Tel: 86-898-38259299
Address: Next to Wanghai Garden Hotel, Shengli Road, Sanya
Searching for delicious: Big bowl cauliflower, Dry mustard green
Environment grade: Fast-food style and efficient with fast service, many photograph is used to be decorated, you can enjoy them while eating.

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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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