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New Year's dinner of Sanya



The year end should be the days for Chinese people to pack
their bags for home return, but in Sanya, there are more and more tourists. There are cars from other province such as Heilingjiang, Hebei and Guangzhou all over the street¡­¡­ As time passes by, Chinese people now have more and Absolute predominance of climate and environment of Sanya decided that new year time is always the most jollify season of Sanya, this kind of jollification could lasted the whole Spring Festival, people all over the world focus their eyes on Sanya and looking forward to spend a sunny warm new year here. Frankly say, in Sanya's New Year, every 8 people in 10 are tourist on Sanya's street. As a native here, I'm getting in love with this kind of feeling, it's good to see that many people and enjoy the jollification!

Chinese tourist: reunion dinner of New Year
"The point of new year dinner is not the common dinner", but the love of whole family and joy of reunion. "New year dinner" is the most important dinner of the whole year for Chinese people, besides the quality of the dinner, the most important thing is that the whole family should have the dinner together; such memory is especially profound when I was young. Of course, the method of having New Year dinner is also very daintily, the north area and south area are all different, the custom was passed by from one generation to another, no matter what the form is, they are all stand for "lucky", "wealthy" and "safety"

Native Sanya people: The whole families gather together and have a big dinner
Generally, native Sanya people usually have the dinner at home, sacrificed the kitchen spirit and ancestor, play fireworks, have big dinner, joyfully spend the New Year together. Besides sacrifice ceremony, stay the night and other New Year amenities, there is not special requirement for Sanya's New Year dinner, but the dinner should be good and abundant, fish and meat, chicken and duck are must.
Besides native people, many tourists will have New Year dinner at local restaurants. The strongest recommendation is "masterwork seafood", fresh, delicious, abundant in variety and cooking ways that really hard to get tired of eating. There are also Wenchang chickens, Jiaji duck, Hele crab, East mountain lamb which are called 4 famous dishes of Hainan, and local pother, insipid, delicious and fresh, of high nutritious value that are all wonderful food.

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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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