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Special Offerings on International Food Festival

An Indian Wind in Holiday
The palatable Indian chicken chops, the Kashmir braised mutton and the famous Indian pancake ¡­ all would assure you the taste of truly Indian cuisines. From December 4----10, there was a gust of Indian wind blowing to Holiday Inn of Yalong Bay, where a large array of Indian food were served, such as India's most characterized curry series, curry chicken, curry fish, curry potato, curry cauliflowers, curry rice, curry soup¡­¡­each is savored with curry. Mixing curry with rice, wrapping Indian pancake with curry or dipping the chicken chops in curry each produces a different taste, but all are with strong curry scent. You can as well choose to try the Indian main course-----fried rice with chicken oil, or the made ¨Con-spot Indian ox oil pancake, or the Indian roast chicken with Indian yoghourt.

Vietnamese Cuisine Week at Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa
 On the evening of October 20, a scenario of the Sanya International Food Festival, Vietnamese Cuisine Week, was unveiled at Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa. Guests from home and abroad sampled the exotic food in the soft candle light and the gentle Vietnamese tunes. Vietnamese cuisines have a lot in common with those from China. Light, original flavors are focus of cooking, served through steaming, boiling, braising, stewing and cold dressing, attached with unique Southeast Asian spice such as lemon, basil, mint and celery etc., by blending the oriental and western culture as a whole. Even the flavors of sour, hot sweet and the like each has its own good, for oil ¨Cfried feelings are removed to make your mouth feel comfortable.

Balloonfish Food Festival promoted at Shanhiatian Resort
"Braised balloonfish", "balloonfish in milky congee", "balloonfish with seatiger fins", "balloonfish Sashimi", "Dazha crab from Yangcheng lake", and an array of noted cuisines with features of Shandong, Huaiyang, Anhui, Yunnan etc are freshly offered. On December 10, the Shanhaitian Gastronomic Week under 2006 Sanya International Food Festival was unveiled at Shanhaitian Resort.

Globe Resort Beats to the "African Drum"
"Baked red trout slice", "South African Assorted Seafood", 'Hampton Ostrich Steak", "Egyptian hump steak", "African roasted whole cattle"... a blend of appetizing cuisine with African features were available. On the evening of November 24, the African Cuisine Week under Sanya International Food Festival was opened at the Globe Resort. When the night fell, the music with African myth would tangoed around the poolside. Such an ambience was constituted by African-style wall paints, black wooden carvings, lighting ornaments, primitive drumbeat and a large array of cuisines served by methods of roasting, boiling, braised etc.

Eadry Resort¡¯s Anniversary Gala and "Li & Miao Ethnic Food Exhibition"
"Gathering at Eadry, enjoying Sanya International Food Festival". At the very moment to hail to for the first anniversary, it happened to be the opening of Sanya International Food Festival . Li & Miao Ethnic Food Cultural Exhibition. The event was grandly unfolded at Eadry Resort. Special Li and Miao food were offered by the resort, which fully present visitors from home and abroad the traditional features of Li and Miao ethnic diets, and unique food culture of the resort.


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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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