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High Sea Diving

Xipai PADI Professional Diving Experience
--diving equipments included
--swimming pool + ocean view
--trained by coach in swimming pool till learned it; then turn to ocean diving for 30 minutes (one bottle of oxygen).
Xipai Professional Diving Experience (1 bottle of oxygen)
--diving equipments included
--professional diving certificate is required
--about 30 minutes underwater
Xipai Professional Diving Experience (2 bottles of oxygen)
--diving equipments included
--professional diving certificate is required
--a bottle of oxygen is for 30 minutes underwater
--10 minutes enjoying
--coach accompany is must

 --5 minutes enjoying

--booking one day ahead is required
--reception time is between 9:00am and 3:00pm
--complimentary round trip transportation for guests stay in Yalong Bay accomadations.

Xipai PADI Professional Diving Experience
The swimming pool training time for the diving techniques is limitless till learn it with flippers being provided. It takes 20 minutes to come to the diving place from the wharf by boat and the diving time is about 30 minutes with one bottle of oxygen; the diving process is from shallow place to deep one with the maximum depth of 12 meters; the time from gather and dismissal is about two and a half hours.
Course Contents:
Master six techniques through swimming pool exercises---
-- Breathing techniques at seabed
-- Balancing technique of ear pressure
-- Searching of respirator
-- Removing of accumulated water on diving mask
-- Flipper exercises
-- Backup oxygen exercise
Age and requirements: people should not be younger than 10 years and should be healthy without respiratory diseases and with normal heart and lung functions.
Expenses: the whole process is carried out by PADI with brand new sophisticated diving equipment, diving insurance, PADI resort diving experience certificate and mineral water.

Xipai Professional Diving Experience
This item is suitable for those with professional C-card and those shall take special boats to the professional dive site.
Time needed: 3 to 5 hours (from congregation to dissolution). It takes 20 minutes to come to the diving place from the wharf by boat.
Participating conditions: be healthy with C-card of various divers association.
Included fees: fees for dive master, diving equipment, air bottle (150bar/bottle), diving insurance
Remark: for 2 bottles professional diving, 3 bottles in total actually (150bar/bottle), come up for air-filledtank during diving is need.

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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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