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Hainan Yellow Rosewood "Officer Luggage"

A small beautiful box, evolved from the mirror box of Sing Dynasty, in 10 cm deep with cover, used to store mirrors and combs. There are three-tier drawers with two doors in front. The cover can be put down and fastening with the door, the lowest constructional part is the box base, as to the overall layout of the box is with graceful outline.

Material: Hainan Yellow Rosewood 
Size: 19cm (L) *14cm (W)*22.5 cm (H)

 Hainan Yellow Rosewood ¡°Ming Dynasty Style Armchair¡±
Hainan Yellow Rosewood also called ¡°reduce blood pressure wood:, was called lignum acronychiae in Compendium of Materia Medica. It¡¯s easy to survive, but extremely difficult to become useful. For example, a tree as thick as the bowl, it only could be used to made rolling pin. It is need grown for hundreds or thousands of years to become to useful. The wood is hard, the superior materials to made classical hardwood furniture. This Ming Dynasty Style Armchair with beautiful carving, elegant sculpture, made of adult trees, was described as nonesuch of household furniture.
Material: Hainan Yellow Rosewood  Size: 60cm (L) *44.5cm (w)*120 cm (H)
Unit: CNY/180000

Wenge ¡°Buddha Fingers Censer¡±
The ¡°Buddha Fingers Censer¡± is made of superior wenge with dark red. The shape of hands clasped together, lotus-shaped base in bottom. It is not only can be used to heat oil, but also a quaint home decoration.

Material: Wenge
Size: 16.5cm (H), the diameter of base: 10.5cm
Unit: CNY/188

Ebony ¡°A Couple of Crane¡±
Ancient words said ¡°Have a little of ebony better than a box of jewelry¡±. Several thousand years ago, cinnamomum hupehanum, Nanmu, Toon, Chinese wingnut and other valuable trees in original ancient forest washed and buried in the deep of ancient river bed, caused by landslide, flood and earth movement, and been carbonizes or petrified by erosion of water and sand under specific geological environment, formed a unique natural texture, sculpture and multifarious art forms. It is really a talent of art treasures.

Material: Ebony
Size: raise head crane: Height 64cm the diameter of base 8.5cm
bow head crane: Height 46cm the diameter of base 8.5cm
Unit: CNY/580

Cross Backpack
A stylish backpack for climbing, hiking and camping, with humanized design and high cost-performance, made of imported 420D*420D PU 1000MM pin check waterproof nylon oxford fabric, won the favor of travel fans.
Volume: 50L+10L
Weight: 2500g
Unit: CNY/750

Aryca (Taiwan) Swimming glasses set
Include snorkel and breathing tube. The lens used PC strengthening treatment, double frame design, to make the sight broader, mask is soft and comfortable to fit face, silicone double-head belt to increase security; The large storage tank of breathing tube can be easily drained, silicon in suitable size, soft and comfortable.
Products: Snorkels and Breathing Tube
Color: green/orange, blue/orange
Unit: CNY/280

Li Brocade Special Store Bag Type-Four Knots Bag

Size: 32cm*32cm, Belt Length: 95cm
Unit: CNY/198

Li Brocade Special Store Wall Hanging Type-Make-Wine Picture
Size: 57cm*75cm
Unit: CNY/798

Alvika Raccoon Multifunctional Sport Waist Bag
Alvika Raccoon Multifunctional Sport Waist Bag The Alvika outdoor sports and leisure apparel is constant pursuit of modernization, internationalization, high-taste, style and comfortable, combined healthy of outdoor sports and leisure of fashion urbanite, suitable for a variety of hiking and climbing.
Material: Oxford Fabric 100%
Volume: 8L
Unit: CNY/98

Traveler outdoor Asaka Series Female Beach Sandals
The sole is continue to use W-type, in line with ergonomic arch, makes the shoes and foot into one harmonious whole, and feel comfortable. The ribbon with sold nylon, strong and durable, used popular patterns to achieve the perfect combination of fashion and sports.
Material: Jacquard ribbon 100% nylon, Midsole EVA shock absorption/anti-skid
Color: orange/black, green/black
Unit: CNY/188

Embroidery Frame-Chinese words ¡°Feng-Xiang¡±
Size: 43cm*36cm
Unit: CNY/1488

China Red Study-Three Lucky Tools

Size: Pen Holder 11cm*10cm*5.5cm
        Cardcase 11cm*11cm*3cm
        Paper Weight 25.5cm*5.5cm*2.5cm
Unit: CNY/690

Embroidery Frame-Double Phoenix

Size: 48cm*58cm
Unit: CNY/2288

Hainan Brocade Embroidery Textile Shell Industry Co., Ltd is a professional company in inherit, dig, develop and process traditional handmade Li brocade crafts. With a view of rescue Li brocade techniques, promote Li-minority culture, the company was invested more than CNY 20 million, established a series of research institutes as training, producing, research facility, Li brocade Museum, Li brocade plants cultivation base. It was developed over 100 varieties of 12 major categories of Li brocade, included wall hanging, frame; a series of embroidery as lucky belt, cummerbund, skirt belt; a series of home supplies as table runners, beddings, mats, cushion, the products sold home and abroad, and become to one of the most frequently souvenirs for tourists in Hainan.
Li Brocade is a bright pearl, been eulogized by people for thousands of years, its timeless charm is the high unification of traditional, natural, and artistic beauty, at the same time, reflected the cultural, religious belief and aesthetic taste of Li-minority, and become to a beautiful flower of Chinese culture.  

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Original Article by:<Fun Travel>

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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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