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Different Nanwan Monkey Islet: Luxury Yacht Shows Dignity

Everyone dreams to experience a luxury journey, and yacht is one of the most famous representatives of modern luxury lifestyle. However, the cost not the only measure for luxury as it should be a sort of power which shakes your soul. A yacht represents not the only the uncountable figures but also the indulgence, taste, as well as individual sensations and understandings of life.

Nanwan Monkey Islet stands between Sanya and Ling Shui. It is a paradise for wild macaques and tropical fishes, and it is famous for the natural landscape and unsophisticated folk custom. This article will be focused on the theme of yacht, the luxury characteristic of Nanwan Monkey Islet, through a wonderful journey.

Leisure¡ªGet the Smell from the Paradise
There are few people here because the seashore is preserved only foe the guests who stay in Tian Lang Resort. Do not hurry when you plan to go sailing with yacht. It is suggested that you could lie on the beach, take a deep breath and put all the landscape into your mind before you get aboard.

Nan Wan¡¯s beach is so soft that when you stand on it you just feel that the feet is on the first-rate Chinese silk and the softness slowly spread till your heart.The neritic area is wide and safe enough to swim, although the bay itself is comparatively a bit small.

You can often see the fishnet beside the seashore and the fishman working casually, whereas the clean blue sky and the sheep-like clouds go hand in hand, reflecting the most natural perspective of life. Walk on the coast with your best friends, and play with the seawater, that¡¯s the life in paradise.

Romantic¡ªLovers¡¯ Fadeless Paintings
Yacht will bring you the most romantic experience when you go sailing with your lover.
It was a sunny day and the shimmering ocean mirrors the sky like a crystal blue roof. Standing on the yacht a few hundred meters away from the seashore, the islet looks like a green winkle with the decoration of swaying palm trees. There is a sort of traditional Chinese art called ink and wash painting. The landscape viewing from the yacht just looks like this painting.

Yacht is born to fulfill people¡¯s romantic dreams. Silver railings, white deck, peach woods¡¯ decoration, all reflect its elegant temperament. Nanwan¡¯s yacht design was customized in Europe with traditional Chinese color¡ªChinese Red, showing royal dignity and noble arbitrariness.The yacht buffeted her way through the waves, like a sword cutting a blue shimmering cake, leaving white cream ¡ªlike wake behind. It seems that there is a distinguished graceful goddess leading its way.

The salty¡ªsmelled seawind gives you a facial mask while innocent seasprays kisses your skirt and legs. Lovers standing at the bow of the yacht has forgotten the surrounding beauties, only left the staring in each other¡¯s pupils. Yacht, monkey islet and its seashore together compose a perfect landscape painting and will become part of their precious memory for sweet, romantic moments.

Indulgence¡ªRacing Journey on the Ocean
Yacht racing is the most cheerful and enjoyable journey on the ocean. Setting the engine to max, the yacht moves likes a weightless seabird, you will feel that you are flying beyond the landscape.

There will be three staff assigned to you when you decide to rent a yacht and go sailing. They are machinist, sailor and captain. Thus, passengers do not need to do is to experience the exciting feelings brought by yacht racing.

Cabin is a wonderful place to relax after exciting racing. The yacht¡¯s luxury is reflected on its fashionable hull design and the comfortable and noble cabin decoration. The home-like design includes annular red sofa, peachwood-made tea table, and all kind of facilities for its kitchen, bedroom, and washroom. You can hold an ocean party with your friends in the cabin. Just imagine a house on the ocean with the smell of red wine, the companion of light music, and your best sincere friends, what more could you ask for from the life? Maybe that is the reason why yacht culture becomes a sort of casual lifestyle and its popularity rapidly spread throughout the world and the Chinese yacht fans are increasing year by year.

Relaxation¡ªForever Arcadia in the Ocean
For generations there are fishman staying on Nanwan Monkey Islet, and they live on fishing and seldom go ashore as vessels are their houses. So, this area is the best place for fishing. Use shrimp or worm as bait, and throw the line in the deep-sea, then what you need to do is waiting.
Ocean fish is normally more ferocious than river fish, and that is why man likes to go fishing in the ocean so as to challenge their bravery, wisdom, and willpower.

Once yacht stops, it will shake together with the waves, like a baby in mother¡¯s arms. If tired of fishing, you can lie on the board and enjoy a sun bath.

The ocean here is comparatively tranquil with spacious seashore and it is crystal clear like a mountain lake a mountain lake. Unlike some other noisy bays, here is a forever arcadia for relaxation. The warm seasprays romantically kisses the beach, while clouds are walking leisurely in the blue heaven. You would wish that the flow of time could stop at this beautiful moment.

Meanwhile, all the memories can be precipitated slowly to the bottom of the sea. Just close your eyes and keep yourself away from the sophisticated world, throw away your pretended cool mask, talk with your soul, trace back a real ¡¯me¡¯ which long been lost in the journey of life.


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