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Best Diving Base to Recommend in Sanya

The diving industry had been developed long ago in Sanya, it's one of the most attractive item in the tourism chains. Sanya and around area have over 10 diving bases, every one of them have their own features. According to the statistic, there are over 300 thousands of people come to experience diving in Sanys, that's why Sanya was called city of diving of China. As more and more tourists come to dive, many international diving organization set up training agents here to educate diving coach. As to my experience, below is my recommendation of several top diving places:

Wozhizhou Island, 27km away from northeast Sanya city, it's a very rare island around Hainan Island that have fresh water and abundant vegetation on. The water visibility around the island is 6-18 meters, there are abundant cays and a lot kinds of tropical fishes, that here had been recognized as a very splendid place to dive.
Xiaodonghai Globe Diving Base, locate at the foot of Lu Hui Tou Hill, surrounded by mountains and have a peaceful water area, which made here a independent and quiet place better than other diving bases.

Xiaodonghai Xinxing Diving, it locates beside of Globe Diving Base, professional diving service, from non-swimmers, beginners to advanced level.  Rigorous training lessons according to international PADI and NAUI standards.
West Island, located in the Sanya Bay National Natural protection Area, 8km away from downtown Sanya, 18minutes way by yacht. Because it's far away from the downtown place, the sea water had been well protected from pollution, the landscape on the island is beautiful, the air is fresh and the beach is pretty, the water is so clear that you could see the button; there is a plenty of beautiful and well protected coral around the island, various tropical fishes gathered here that makes here a big tropical sea zoology circle.
Yalong Bay Under Water World, located at the Yalong Bay, the weather is amenity and the landscape is exquisite. The sea wave is not strong here but the sea water is clean as mirror and the beach is white as silver. The sea area nearby have the biggest and most complete soft coral race and colorful hard coral, tropical fishes and so on marine organism, here is the best place for under sea sight seeing.
Dadonghai Tourism District, 3km away from Sanya downtown place, between Tu Zi Wei and Luhuitou Hills, the beach here is slopes gently with coconut trees around, the sea water is clear as mirror and waving gently. It's a sunny place, the water temperature is around 18-22 centigrade, it's a very splendid place for spending winter time and for diving sight seeing and sea bath, sun bath.
Fenjiezhou Island, located at the boundary place of Lingshui and Wanning, there are cliffs on the east that have strong waves; but the west place is a peaceful bay, whit soft white sand on the beach. You could feel the sea breeze from the south sea when you step on it, there are also abundant cay and tropical fishes around.


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