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Scuba Diving in Sanya

Sanya, the most resplendent pearl locate at north latitude 18 degree South China Sea. This young seaside city standing between sky and earth have the clearest sea water, thickest coconut forest, verdant palm, four season flower blooming, wild sky and sea, she obtains freedom from the light and pursues vitality from the ocean, her voice and appearance are both flowing movements, which left people lasted-forever aesthetic feeling but never gloss over her fire-like passion.

The sea area of Sanya is around 3500 square km, the beach line is continuous to 209.1km long, with 19 bays and 40 island. The stretching and undulating beach and verdant islands around make here a playground for on the sea activities. For those people who loves exploration and seek for novelty, longs for the unknown world under the sea, scuba diving is the most attractive challenge. Sanya has clear blue sea place, which is of high safety and visibility, the intact cay and abundant tropical sea animals and plants make here a wonderful under-sea-world, Sanya had been recognized as one of the most suitable place for scuba diving on South Pacific by international diving experts, and have the fame of biggest scuba diving base in the world.

Scuba diving is a very exciting and challengeable sport, and it's one of the most popular under sea leisure activity. But in Sanya, with its perfect undersea resource, the diving events could had been emerge in many ways, such like cay diving, fish reef diving, wreck ship diving, open sea diving, dolphin diving, cave diving and under sea walk, which full of tempt and attraction. Scuba diving could enhance vital capacity and strength of muscle, improve swimming skill and achieve human being's dream of frogman, touch the under sea wonderland in person.

I still remember my first scuba diving, which was a sunny afternoon in Xiaodonghai, the temperature of the water was just ok and it's the best time for diving. Put on the scuba diving suit, I guess everyone will be just like me that although itching for a try, yet still bit nervures. Before get down the water, a very important segment is to ge to know some dos and don'ts and how to communicate with coach using gestures under the sea. But anxious is unnecessary as swimming skill is not required and everyone will be accompanied by a coach in the whole scuba diving process.

My coach was a friendly local by with sun burnt skin, I could always remember the words he said before we getting down the water: "get ready? We are going to the wonder world under the sea." Yes, at the moment he lead me into the water, the noisy of the on-the-land world suddenly disappeared. In a world of silence I could only hear the voice of bubbles arise from my mouth, in such silence I could hear the voice of fish's breath, murmur of the crust, and my exciting heartbeat. Refresh the world and indulge in surprising, when my heartbeat became gentle, I could see everything so clearly. It's such a place where space changed and time stops, it's like a whole new world featured with fairy tales. This is a different world where we are aliens in diving suits down from the sky. There are soft actinia, colorful clown fish, pudgy sea cucumber and lobster, gorgeous coral blooming in the sea made here a under water garden and the colorful tropical fishes swimming around just like butterflies.

When rise up from the water it was as if I was coming out from a dream and back to the real world. The compressed oxygen is going to run out, although we really don't want to but we have to rise. Diving in Sanya is such a kind of experience that makes you forget about yourself, when you down in the water you cannot stop. Although you are thirst to dead and getting salted all around, yet we had been melting into the ocean and became the spirits in the sea. through the scuba diving, The magic hand of the nature showed every cell of my body what is magic and wonder.

Diving Tips

Basic principle
*Make sure you are well both in physical condition and mental condition:

*Read safe introduction carefully before get down into the water and listen to coach carefully:

*Check your equipments to make sure there is on problem on them:

*Do not dice along, make sure you are diving with others:

*Do not hold your breath when you diving with aqualung:

*Do not access the speed of 18 meters per minute when you rise up:

*Do not use earplugs, you¡¯ll need to balance your ear pressure before they ache:

*Strictly comply with the depth restriction, avoid to access the depth of 30 meters (100 foot), it is forbid to access the depth of 39 meters:

*Keep regular breath when wearing aqualung:

*Remove the frog shoes, mask and breathing tube when you are completely out of water.

 Important gestures
*Wearing breathing machine and aqualung to enter a silent under water world, you are surly not able to communicate with your coach by talk but to use gestures instead. That¡¯s way gesture is a required lesson before diving.

*The most frequent gesture your coach will make is ¡°OK¡±, that means he¡¯s asking you whether you are feeling alright, if you are just fine, then you can make a same gesture.

*Put your hands flat, stretched, waving left and right means that you¡¯re not feeling alright and need some time to adjust. Remember, you cannot rise too fast, that will lead to the break of your alveolus, and you¡¯ll need to keep a slow and deep breath.

*Thumb up, the rest fingers close together, means rising, most of the time it appears when you feel extremely uncomfortable or when water comes into your scuba. Thumb down, means that you are ahead to get down.

About ear pressure
* When diving, the most unavoidable problem if ear pressure. When coming down to 3 meters under water, as the pressure of water become bigger, most people will feel their ears are aching. The easiest way to balance ear pressure is to gulp saliva, or nip your nose to block your naris, and to give a bard blow, thus the air will come into the syrinx and come into being an out forward pressure. Every time when you come to a new depth you¡¯ll need to balance your ear pressure at once, especially when you are at shallow water place, you¡¯ll need to do more ear pressure balance.

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