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Hainan Peal Industrialization

¡ª¡ªInterview with chairman of Jingrun Peal Group




14 years ago, Shuli Zhou led his team and the pearl accessories to come to Hainan and opened the first peal accessory shop, which was called Jingrun. For 14 years, Jingrun people established pearl culture factory, peal processing factory, culture house, museum, national chain store, and going to build up an institute for pearl research. From the cultivation, the processing, the production to the exhibit, sales and applications, Jingrun creatively produced a series of pearl cosmetics, healthy supplement and the accessories.
Shuli Zhou is rigid in Hainan pearl industry, he did not only start a new ball game of pearl industry, but also grant Hainan's pearl brand and the pearl culture raises everywhere, for Hainan, for Sanya, for the pearl industry he has made such a remarkable contribution that he deserves to be the "pioneer of Hainan pearl industrialization".

Makes the pearl product to the pearl industry
If 14 year ago the first Jingrun Pearl Accessories shop was just a product, then today's Jingrun Pearl is already a kind of industry of broad scale, and directing the pearl industry's orientation and development.

Shuili Zhou said that Hainan is not a big was pearl culture province nationwide or worldwide, but now it has turned out to be a pearl brand and big culture province. This is the joint effort achieved by all Hainan Pearl people to grow up hand in hand. Hainan has the glorious pearl tradition, is also a big sea province, almost all the shellfishes can be cultivate in Hainan sea area. Hainan has the only tropical sea view holiday resource in the nation, that for pearl industry it's a natural breeding place. Over 10 years ago, the Jingrun people settled here as they find ort the huge potential for pearl industry precisely. But at the very beginning, Jingrun people has also net the unprecedented pressure and the enticement.

At that time, the national wide pearl industry was aiming in the kind of pearl product that of rich profit but low quality and lack of culture connotation. Seeing other pearl vendor's thriving business, Jingrun people also wondered where to go. But Shuli Zhou believed that to make a enterprise needs to bear loneliness and all kind of trial. Shuli Zhou lead his staff to build up their own pearl cultural house, they do their quality. Jingrun people had also groundbreaking buildup the first national Chinese pearl culture museum to show the Chinese pearl culture and characteristic history, passes Hainan's pearl culture to all over the world through the pearl product.

The Jingrun people insisted on rigid out pattern of "Jingrun Style", unmoved and down to the earth they make the pearl culture widely known and conscientiously they mold the brand image. Over ten years passed by, the pearl enterprises used to earn a lot had all fly low, but Jingrun still walking the cultural craving path, its unique pearl industry chain, consummate product, the matural and ort of pollution pearl scientifically raise the market selling point, over ten years good reputation and brand accumulation make the enterprise fortify at every step, not only succeeded in Hainan as the inducing of pearl industry, but also lead Hainan's pearl product to domestic and foreign market. However, Jingrun people also paid attention to the "simply" basic rule of how the enterprise started a career, how to develop, how to strengthen, that is to take consumer's interest as the starting point to create a market of their own.

Shuli Zhou earnestly and hopefully said that, Jingrun pearl's success based on creating the value for the consumer devotionally, Jingrun pearl industrial process will certainly succeed.

Let the pearl industry and traveling industry develop together
"The urban development and enterprise's development are come down in one continuous line," said Shuli Zhou "Sanya is a tourist city, that's grant Jingrun a remarkable advantage that other similar products don't have. Therefore, Jingrun pearl industry needs to develop with Sanya traveling industry." Precisely under this idea, Jingrun and Sanya did enough interaction in brand recommendation activities and molding enterprise own strong brand.

In this year, Jingrun has two major steps in the brand recommendation activity, each of the item are closely connected with Sanya. Shuli Zhou said that from support the Sanya Municipal Government¡¯s travel recommendation activity in Russia, to being appointed as the only pearl product for 57th Miss World, Jingrun's brand and Sanya's brand tied up more and more closely, two sides both obtained treat development in the close interaction.

Sanya's uniqueness as a tropics seaside vacation resource and Sanya's distinctive as the most famous pearl industry area in China decided the pearl industry and the tourism industry should connect closely, and also achieved the intimate cooperation of Jingrun pearl and Sanya traveling.

Shuli Zhou said that many cities of China are taking the strength of leading enterprises of their own to buildup core competitiveness, many cities promoted "beer festival", "kite festival", "pearl festival" and so on to let the urban brad own the wings of enterprise culture. Sanya's traveling industry is too unique, the enterprise of Snaya must treasure this kind of opportunity, takes the advantage of Sanya traveling to authority the strong brand.

City will also promote its own reputation and popularity enormously in the interaction with enterprise. Sanya was not born with its fame was made in the continuously publicizing in the recommendation activities. Pearl industry in Sanya as Jingrun acted as the "auxiliary booster" in molding the city brand. In many occasions, when mention Sanya, it reminds people of the high quality pearl product here.

Shuli Zhou said that when the urban brand and enterprise's brand rose together, the enterprise and the city will all come to the spring booming.

Promote Sanya pearl to the world
After coming back from Russia with Sanya recommendation team, ShuliZhou had a very intense feeling: that Chinese pearl should be introduced to the world mightily.
Shuli Zhou said that in Russia, when mentioned about Sanya, many people knew that it's a good place for vacation, "also there are many people say it's a good place for buying pearl", but more people complained to Shuli Zhou that "why Jingrun product could mot be found overseas? "Russian tourists" expectant is also Jingrun people¡¯s diligently direction. At present, Jingrun pearl already have branch offices in more than 200 cities in the country, the domestic network of Jingrun pearl had already completely unfolded. But comparatively, the international market development of Jingrun is just getting started.
Chinese pearl product still has a very big promotion space international. Shuli Zhou said that the opportunity is right here: Who will lift up the Chinese pearl industry flag, to bring honors to the several thousand years of traditional culture of Chinese pearl? Jingrun people is willing to be the explore soldier to make the way for Chinese pearl industry to enter the international market.

Shuli Zhou said that Jingrun will continue to make effort on "pearl culture", they will push the pearl product which richly contained Chinese culture characteristics to the international market.

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