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Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone top deals from RMB199

Simple & Quick Choice
Entrance ticket + Lunch
Entrance ticket + Additional activities
1. Entrance ticket;
2. Tourist car in scenic zone;
3. E-guides;
4. Special herbal meal;
5. Roundtrip transportation.
1. Entrance ticket;
2. Tourist car in scenic zone;
3. E-guides;
4. Climbing additional activities;
5. Roundtrip transportation.
Time Frame
1. Between 09:00am and 15:00pm (pick up from Dadonghai Area)
2. Between 08:10am and 15:00pm (pick up from Sanya Bay Area)
3. Between 09:00am and 16:00pm (pick up from Yalong Bay Area)


1. All rates below are not valid for New Year, Chinese Spring Festival and other national holidays.
2. Free bus is available, the time frame above..


Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone is located 35km in the suburban area of Sanya City, is the only tropical rainforest of China spotting on 18¡ãN, the miniature of all five rainforests of Hainan and a diamond-level rainforest attraction of China.

Yanoda is a phonogram, indication one, two and three in Hainan dialect. Given new connotation by the attraction, Ya means innovation, No represents commitment and Da refers to action. Yanoda in general also implies ¡°welcome¡±, "Hello¡± to express friendliness and blessings. Now the valley comprises two established zones, the Rainforest Valley and the Fantasy Valley. Both are inter-connected by American electric trolley, cliff road, waterfall cable-bridge and high-class shuttle bus, covering a total length of 18km. Here the tropical rainforest dominates the skyline, rushing springs and falling water curtains can be seen everywhere, average temperature is only 24¡ãC annually. Strolling amid the rainforest, you will be refreshed in the cool air. Gesides, his century-old rattan, thousand-year-old ferns, gigantic lucid ganoderma, ¡°cold-blood killer¡± up as and the six rainforest wonders will surely astound you.


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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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