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What is the good time For Sanya holidays?
To take Sanya holidays, Sanya can be visited throughout the year because of good weather and colorful activities it can offer. Generally speaking, From October to March, is the peak tourist season of Sanya. Especially, national "golden week" holidays are the peak time, which including each first week of Jan, May, Oct and Chinese New Year. These are the busiest time for hotels, airlines and travel agencies, Hotels and airlines would be overbooked. Therefore, the prices for hotels, air tickets and cruises are comparatively higher than usual. We recommend you come for Sanya Hainan holidays at off-peak time, the better sunshine, warmer ocean, and then you can enjoy the same kind of service but with less money for the whole holdiays.
QHow do I search for available accommodations?

AIt is an option to search for available hotels. The option can be selected in the box on the left of our home page and accommodation page, containing the location, class, room type, view, and room rate data. You could select just one item and leave the rest empty, but the more items the better. The availability will be confirmed via the way of confirmation you decided, you can send an online order form, or drop an email or called to book.

What is in common currency among?

Chinese Currency
The Chinese currency is Renminbii (RMB or CNY), generally pronounced Yuan in written form, but spoken as "Kuai".
Note of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 are the main paper currency.

Currency Exchange rates¡¡>> currency exchange online

Foreign currency can be changed in most banks and hotels. Exchange rates do not vary that much, so hotels are often the most straightforward place to exchange. It is important to retain exchange receipts, these are needed to convert Renminbi back into foreign currency when leaving China. You may convert up to half of the amount of Renminbi shown on your receipts..Maximum 5000 US dollars are allowed for exchange in one single day.
Cash is most convenient method of transaction in travel, especially when consuming at small shops in Sanya. Foreign currency, mostly US dollar and Hong Kong dollar are accepted at such places as high-star hotels, golf clubs etc. Except for these locations, cash is king, so it is best to be prepared to get Renminbi for most expenses in Sanya, unless you are going to stay in the hotel for the whole day, and the hotel can charges all expenses to your room.
Credit Card
Basically, credit cards are only accepted in major tourist hotels, shops and restaurants. The locations accepting credits cards would put up a post to remind the guests. But something needs to be cautioned, that is some outlets can only accept Chinese credit cards due to their business nature. Therefore, before addressing your bills, you should check it out so as to avoid involving in trouble.
Traveler¡¯s Check
Generally speaking, traveler¡¯s check is not quite popular in Sanya, only accepted by some branded international hotels. Note that you will not be able to use traveller's checks directly for purchases.

RMB Note

How to extend my Visa in China?
If your visa will expire soon, your must plan properly in advance: return home or extend your visit? The Public Security Bureau (PSB) of Sanya is entitled to approve extending visas. Therefore, if you want to extend your Sanya holidays, you can turn to Entry and Exit Division of Sanya PSB to apply for extension. Each application can only extend for 30 days, and be approved for twice only.
If you still want to have longer holidays after two extensions, you may have to apply for transfer visa with a third nation, i.e. apply for visa with another country or region. Reentry of China can last for another 30 days and is allowed for another two extensions. The most convenient place is Hong Kong, which is only one hour¡¯s non-stop flight from Sanya.
How can I get the China exact time?


Time Difference


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New Zealand
























What are the emergency calls?








Weather Forecast


Traffic Accident


Marine Rescue


Express Maill


Local Telephone Number Inquiry


Domestic Long Distance Inquiry


Time Inquiry

 Title:From Haikou to Sanya 2009-05-13 16:54:06
  Linz£ºI am flying in to Haikou. What is the best way to get from Haikou to Sanya? Appreciate your advice
Marc Reply:
To get from Haikou to Sanya: a) the best way is rent a privat car to pick you up at Haikou airport and deliver you to Sanya hotel directly. it is nonstop, faster, and convenience, even cheaper sometimes. b) take a shuttle bus to Sanya at a cost of RMB80/person, beside taxi from Haikou airport to Haikou bus station and also a taxi form Sanya bus station to hotel. this way is better for people less than 2, if over 3 persons, you'd better forget about it. please call us or drop email for more details or cars reservation. thanks
 Title:HK to Sanya 2009-05-01 13:07:43
  Barbara Armon£ºHi there, please advise the cheapest flights from Shenzhen to Sanya & return for the middle of May this year. We will be staying in Hong Kong and I believe it is cheaper to get the ferry to Shenzhen and then fly from there. Thank you
Marc Reply:
For the middle of May, the flights from Shenzhen to Saya & return is about RMB1100 and upon, it also depend on the time frame, please drop us an email or a call tell us your exactly date and more information, thanks.
 Title:Hei 2009-04-21 17:42:18
  N & J£ºI just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful honeymoon travel!!! We had a really great time in Sanya, and everything with the flight, hotel etc went very easy and good! We will recommend you to everyone we know! Thank you again! Sending you a picture I took in Sanya bay! Kind regards
Marc Reply:
 Title:THANKS 2009-04-21 17:36:14
  E U£ºWe're now back in Norway. I'd like to say: thank you very much for all your help with our Sanya-vacation. We had a wonderful time. The hotel was great, the flight and everything worked out perfect. Thanks to you... All the best
Marc Reply:
Glade to be at your service.
 Title:Where is the best beach for children 2009-02-24 04:43:42
  John£ºHi, Is Yalong bay the best place for a family with children? We need a relax-on-the-beach holiday ;o)
Marc Reply:
Yalong Bay has the best beach in Sanya, the beach is white, smooth and soft.
 Title:from Shanghai to Hainan 2009-02-15 16:37:08
  Zack£ºHi, can you help us (4 people) please, we need fly from Shanghai to Hainan (2 ways), and also what is the best is to rent apartment or a rooms in a hotel. Tha! Have a g-day!
Marc Reply:
Yes we can help to arrange both flight and apartment or hotel, but we need to know the duration of your stay, please give us a call or email for detailed information. thank!
 Title:*** Rack Rate *** 2009-02-06 02:55:48
  Henny Tan Eigendorf£ºWhat is the mean of "Rack Rate"???
Marc Reply:
"Rack Rate" means the possible highest retail price the guest might have to pay if they book from hotel directly.
 Title:Mr 2009-01-11 16:55:06
  Jego£ºHello, we would like to book a flight for a "warm" area, Hainan, if possible for the spring festval between 24 and 31 of January, do you still have possibilities ?
Marc Reply:
Yes we can help you to book the flight ticket for your Hainan trip between 24 and 31 January, but first we need to know which city will you come from and back. also we need confirm some other dteails for booking, so please drop us an Email for further move. Best regards.
 Title:Hainan Tour 2009-01-07 21:33:10
  Yap£ºPlan to visit Hainan with a group of friends in Dec 09. Is it the peak season? Would like to start from Haikou and do a land tour of interesting places around the island. Stay in budget hostels like Haikou Banana Hostel. Is it possible to rent a microbus or van for the duration of our stay for 7/8 days?
Marc Reply:
Hi, Yap, Dec. is the peak season for visiting Hainan, but ok for your land tour around the island, renting a microbus or van and staying in budget hostels won't be the problem, we can help to arrange. call or drop us an email for detailed information.
 Title:Hong Kong to Sanya 2009-01-01 01:38:35
  Toyo£ºHello, Dear All. I am TOYO and intend to visit hainan island during coming chinese new year. We are currently in Shanghai, and we are planning to visit 2 destinations; one is Hongkong, second is Hainan Island. but we are having a problem how to arrange the route from Hongkong to Sanya. In which way is the most cheapest and fastest. Thank you very much for reading.
Marc Reply:
Dear Toyok, From Hongkong to Hainan, you can have bus trip which is over 16 hours driving, or take bus from Hongkong to Shenzhen then take train to Hainan, they are both cheap, but the fast and easy way is taking flight from Hongkong to Sanya 1 hour will be down, we can help you to arrange your flight coming and back, also can help to arrange your hotel in Hongkong and Hainan island, pick up as well. for more detailed discussion, please drop us a call or email. best regards and happy new year!

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