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Traditional Festivals

"Lunar February 2" Raise-Head-Dragon Festive
Date: Every Lunar February 2
"February 2, dragon raises head, the big barn is full, the small barn spills". In the traditional festive days of China, Raise-head-dragon festival is a festive day marking the blessings for peace and wishes for harvest. The festival in Sanya is themed with "custom, art, culture, convention", released at the Caves Tourism Zone to demonstrate the "dragon" culture of Hainan through "ritual for South Sea king of dragon". Sanya is as well featured with the tradition of "bathing dragon water on Feb 2". At that point of time, Sanya Bay and Dadonghai would get boiling for clouds of people flocking to the beach to wash away whammy and bless for good luck for the following year.

Hainan Li & Miao "Lunar March 3"
Date: Every Lunar March 3.
"Lunar March 3" is a traditional festival on which Li people get together to express their admirations to each other, therefore it is called a day of saying love. Miao people also hold the tradition of cerebrating the gala day. On the day, the Li people would flock together to wish for double harvest in Shanlan rice plantation and hunting. The elderly would bring along the preserved meat and rice wine, come to the most prestigious elderly of the village, sit in circle and drink to their satisfaction. Now on Lunar March 3 , large-scale ethnic events would be held in Sanya and Wuzhishan city, mainly launching singing and dancing performance, sport games and other featured activities.

Tianya Haijiao International Wedding Festival
Date: Lunar December.
An exquisite gala incorporating wedding parties, traveling and honeymoon holidays that attracts hundred of pairs of new married and commemorated married every year. Through "Gathering in the city of Deer", "Vowing at Tianya", "Blessing for luck at Mount Nanshan" and other activities, each couple would truly feel the theme of "love at Tianya, love at Haijiao", aftertaste the eternity of "I wish you can love me till the earth stops moving, and stay with me even to the end of the earth".

9/9 Chongyang China Nanshan Longevity Cultural Festival
Date: Lunar September 9
This event is held by Nanshan once every year, featuring large-scale culture & art performance, seminar on social science and culture of senior people, invitiong contest for senior painting and calligraphy, mountain climbing games for senior people and other theme activities. Now this event has become a remarkable brand name for tourists throughout the country, enjoying profound influence worldwide.

China Hainan Island Carnival
Date: Start from the 1st weekend of November and ends at the 4th weekend.
This event is held through all kinds of cultural and artistic activities, sports games, ethnic and beauty contests organized by Hainan Government to showcase the unique, diversified tourist resources and pleasant natural ecology of Hainan Island to promote its beautiful image of being a "tourist destination for tropical island tour".


Sanya's pleasant climate, convenient transportation and robust tourism development make the city an ideal spot for all kinds of meetings and contests. In recent years, Sanya has witnessed an array of internationally reputed events:

Chinese government released statement on Jan. 2010. said that Hainan Island is going to build into a top International Resort..
Opening Ceremony of 2009 China Eco-tourism Year
World Beach Volleyball Tournament 2009 --Sanya Open
The unveiling ceremony of Sanya International Sister cities Model Look 25th world final Sanya
Hongta 2008 Tour of Hainan
The initial relay activities of Olympic Torch on mainland China for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
World Beach Volleyball Tournament 2008 --Sanya Open
The 1st Mr World Final
The 1st Sanya International Beach Music Festival
2007 Global Forum hotel
The 57th Miss World Final
World's Strongest Man Contest
The 55th Miss World Final¡¡
The 14th Golden Rooster & Full Blossom Film Festival and Centennial Cerebration of China Movie Industry
The 54th Miss World Final
Aisa Professional Golf Tournament-Sanya Tournament 2004
The 53nd Miss World Final ¡¡

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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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