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Sunny Sanya
Sunny Sanya
Sunny Sanya
Sunny Sanya
Sunny Sanya
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¡¡The Sunny Invitation from Sanya

¡¡¡¡Lying in the southernmost tip of Hainan Island China, a beachfront tropical city where the mountains, rivers, sea and sky are matched in perfect unison, Sanya boasts magic sunshine and sea, as well as old traces of fishing waters.

¡¡¡¡Bringing with the official city-card of "Forever tropical paradise", Sanya has become the most favorable resort city in China and world, it wins "The best city China in terms of residential environment", "China's most favorable tourist destination", and it efforts to make itself a tourist destination famous around the world.

¡¡¡¡Augmented with unspeakably lovely climate, Sanya possessed all the necessary elements needed for a perfect tourist destination, travel to Sanya Hainan China, whether you're a new visitor or returning, you will never know what kind of surprises there are waiting for you.

¡¡ Replace your pragmatic trip with a lazy holiday; Relieve every cell of your body by immersing into the sunshine that paints bronze-colored skin; Enjoy the beauty of nature in the blending tropical scenes of sunshine, beaches, seawater, coconut palms and rainforest.

¡¡ Getting into this paradise, get your own Sanya vacation! discovering your ideal travel experience, a holiday in Sanya will never let you leave empty hands.

Sanya Geographic
Sanya lies between 18¡ã09'34"¡ª18¡ã37'27" north latitude and 108¡ã56'30"¡ª109¡ã48'28" east longitude, location on the southernmost of hainan island China, it covers an area of 1919.6sqkm with 91.6km long from east to west and 51km wide from south to north. The city is ringed by continuous and rugged mountains on three sides. These expansive mountains topography divides Sanya into many parts, all surrounded by green hills and characterized by multi-featured landscapes of many different styles.

Facing the South China Sea, there are a multitude of bays, each endowed with wonderful scenery. Beside the irresistible combination of a world-class beach¡ªYalong Bay, the Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai and Sanya bay in the urban area have the closest connection with the local citizens, while the Eastern and Western Islands serve as a gate to the South China Sea.

Its population is nearly 540,000, more than 20 nationalities. The main ethnic groups are the Han, Li, Miao and Hui peoples, with the Han being the majority. The minority Li, Miao and Hui peoples have their own customs and languages, but they also speak the national language of China, Mandarin.¡¡ History, Culture and Arts

Sanya Weather Conditions

Sanya is characterized with tropical oceanic monsoon climate, with yearly average temperature stays at 25.4¡ãC., it has warm weather all year around, and no matter believe or not, 35.7¡ãC. is the historical supreme temperature on record. The highest average temperature falls in July at 28.3¡ãC while the lowest comes in Jan. at 20.3¡ãC. the winter is very pleasant with no frost nor snow. Flowers are in full bloom throughout the year. Sanya thus is praised as the "oriental Hawaii ". The duration of sunshine is 2563 hours, with an annual rainfall of 1279mm in a year.

Sanya Climet Table
Detailed information about the Sanya temperatures, rainfall and the sunshine
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Temperature sanya temperatureC 20.8 21.0 21.3 24.8 27.3 28.1 28.4 27.8 26.9 25.0 22.0 22.1
sanya temperatureF 69.4 69.8 70.3 76.6 81.1 82.6 83.1 82.0 80.4 77.0 71.6 71.8
Rainfall Count cm 4.3 6.2 5.9 7.8 12.3 12.3 10.5 11.6 11.5 9.8 6.1 4.2
in 1.69 2.44 2.32 3.07 4.84 4.84 4.13 4.57 4.53 3.86 2.40 2.24
Day Average Sunshine hr 5.1 4.7 5.6 6 8.5 8.5 9.4 8.3 7.8 7.1 6.2 5.7

Ecological Envirronment
Sanya is famed for its clear, fresh air and abundant sunshine and is nicknamed as "natural oxygen bar". According to the air quality appraising over 148 cities of 45 countries by the World Environmental Protection Organization from 1998 to 2003, Sanya ranked No.1 in China, No.2 in the world in terms of air quality. Sanya is the origin of tropical rain forest, it has 63% of forest coverage with121 thousand hectares forestland and 62 thousand hectares forestation, there are 9 national, provincial and municipal level nature preserves with 13,497 hectares, all the ecological treasures bring a nickname of "natural oxygen bar" to Sanya. According to a general survey, the average life-span of Sanya people is 73.5 years, It is the place exports air and sunshine to the whole world, the place where people live the longest in China.

Marine Resources
There are 40 islands in the surrounding in large or small sizes, 10 of which are prime ones, islands with relatively lagere area are Xidaimao Island ranging 2.12sqkm, and Wuzhizhou Island covering 1.05sqkm in terms of area.
Coastline extends for 209.1km and consisting of 19 prime bays with average visibility over 10 meters, Major ports include Sanya, Yulin, Nanshan, Tielu, Wendao etc. Major bays include Sanya, Haitang, Yalong, Yazhou, Dadonghai, Moon etc. marine life there including 1064 kinds of fishes, 350 kinds of shrimps, 325 kinds of crabs and 700 kinds of mollusks, Coral-reef protection area covers 85 square km.

Bestowed ¡¤ Glamour Sanya

¡ö China`s only seaside tropical destination.
¡ö Lies at 18¡ãnorth latitude, the most romantic sunshine coast on the planet.
¡ö The best city in terms of air quality, No.1 in China, No.2 in the world.
¡ö Yalong Bay, the district with highest density of worldly top coastal resorts.
¡ö The city with highest visibility in China marine territory, boasting 19 primebays with average visibility over 10
¡ö China`s outstanding city in terms of landscaping, with forestation coverage up to 60%.
¡ö The best city of China in terms of residential environment.
¡ö The most favourable tourist destination in China.
¡ö The first city of China consecutively holding the 53rd, 54th, 55th, 57th Miss World Finals, the 1st Mr. World Final..
¡ö The first starting city of Beijing2008 Olympics torch relay inside China.

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We are local travel agency, your best choice for Sanya Hainan vacation !
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