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In the Name of Music: Feel the Sandy Beach¡¯s Temperature in Sanya

After the home autograph session held by Chen Chusheng, a local singer from Sanya, with his debut album, the Sanya International Beach Music Festival was launched at the always crowded Dadonghai Beach on Fed 1st and 2nd, 2010,leading by Chen Chusheng, Lao Lang and many other artists from Huayi Brothers. Thousands of locals and tourists gathering in front of the T-stage on the beach, waving glow sticks in hands lit up the seaside beach with music and passion, conveyed the happy sound to the faraway heaven through the ocean, and enjoyed together the hot and vigorous music festivity.

Prelude- winter sunshine greeting the happy-boy from Sanya
A name would be imprinted forever into the Dadonghai Beach on Fed 1st. The happy-boy, haunted by lawsuits for nearly one year, finally returned to his hometown in full glory with his debut music album and handed out a satisfactory report to Sanya people who raised him as well as his fans (¡°peanuts¡±), who had been standing on his side for all time.

The name of Spring Comes after Winter seems to go relevantly with Chusheng¡¯s heart. Comparing with his visit in Sanya for announcement shooting in summer, he looked happier and more confident. The familiarity of hometown aroused his interest to disclose his childish dream of being a pilot. Soaring in a kingdom of music, he succeeded in holding a concert of his own and bringing more different types of music to us. The happiest on the debut album autograph session must be his loyal fans (¡°peanuts¡±). When the lucky ones took over the autographed CD from Chusheng in sequence, their beautiful smiles with excitement and satisfaction were great encouragements to him.


Dreamlike waltz-magnificent night of Grand Metropark
In gratitude of artists and distinguished guests from all kinds of walk coming to the beach music festival, the Sanya Municipal Government held a spectacular reception party in the Grand Metropark Resort newly opened in Yalong Bay. The resort is located in the center of Yalong Bay golf club, besides hills and facing the sea, with beautiful scenery, vivid and green. Domestic famous singers, composers, and music bands like Chen Chusheng, Lao Lang, New Trousers, Milk & Coffee, and etc., related leaders from Sanya Municipal Government, and over 40 media reporters in and out of Hainan islands were invited to attend the party.

The banquet hall was on the second floor. Standing by the open long corridor in front of the hall, you could look up to view the bright moon and stars, and look down to observe the lotus pool and waterside pavilion. Classic garden with flavor of Southeast Asian mating with the British style of golden decoration made the magnificence of the whole banquet hall, which made one feel like within a jasper lake. Mr. Guan Tieshan, the general manager of the resort, toasted in the party, ¡°The Grand Metropark Resort Sanya, as the only one restaurant project of the 12 new projects in the process of the establishment of Hainan International Tourism Island, is very honored to have the opportunity, right after its opening, to join into the great event of music culture as the appointed reception hotel. We will commit ourselves to provide customers with delicate services under the principal of ¡®binding hearts with genuine sincerity, seizing hearts with beautiful sceneries¡¯ according to the service standards of the International Tourism Island.¡± The whole party was surrounded by the clear and melodious singing of Chen Chusheng. In a harmonious atmosphere, all people raised their glasses to toast in a wish of a successful music festival.

Graceful andante-the music soul wandering on the top of the heaven
In the two days activity, the sponsor arranged all distinguished guests to experience the splendid accommodation journey in the Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park Bird Nest Resort.

All guests were taken by the tourist cable car all the way through several continuous sharp turns and arduous mountain road to reach the top with resounded screaming. The villas area not far away indistinct and partly hidden in the wispy clouds seemed like a vigorous wild goose about to spread wings to fly. Standing on his ridge of Sanya, you could behold the whole view of Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay with flouring tropical vegetation placing in the middle and light cloud and mist spiraling up and hovering like a dream. The lineup was walking in the scene, excited and surprised. All thoughts of hermit hidden deep within were seduced out. The dreamlike beautiful views everywhere your eyes may reach accidently drew near the childish simplicity which seemed so far away.

All people reached a consensus to call this place ¡°paradise¡±, because of which they had the opportunity to meet the beauties as if belonging to another life.

For the same reason, the press conference and celebration party of the music festival were also located here. During the conference, Chen Chusheng as the distinguished guest said emotively, ¡°It is a great breakthrough and good beginning to host the beach music festival. Hope it may become an annual activity and enable locals and guests in Sanya to enjoy more and better music.¡± Such short words brought out the hidden aspiration of everyone on the occasion.

Passionate Allegro-audiovisual feast at Dadonghai  
With the fervent hope of everyone, the brilliant beach music festival was successfully staged on Fed 2nd. The New Trousers Band, ¡°Chinese most vigorous and creative idol band¡±, was the first to play the show, and lit up the enthusiasm of the fans under stage by hot drum and passionate singing on their appearance. The Milk & Coffee made appearance to sing several songs including Burning, Little Microcosm, Feel Lonely with Growing Up. The original band, with its moment of success from the debut performance for the first domestic musical novel, Hide and Seek, created by Guo Jingming, consists of cool ¡°coffee¡± Gefei and warm and lovely ¡°mile¡± Kiki. Their charming voices seized hearts of lot of young fans. Lao Lang, ¡°the representative of Chinese campus folk songs¡± silent for a long time, and his band gave even greater shock to audiences. Without public appearance for a long time, Lao Lang was so excited to sing a series of 4 songs. Chorus of the whole beach of songs One Hundred Percent Girl, Lovers Disaster, My Desk-mate made Lao Lang keep exclaiming the passion of Sanya fans. He even made joke publicly of Chen Chusheng, his good friend, we all like Chusheng. Don¡¯t you think he is beautiful? Then the next song must be for him ¡°The Beauty¡±

Afterwards, Chen Chusheng, as the last important honored guest, made appearance with the band who had cooperated with him for many years at the climax of the festival, when the passion of audiences under stage were lit up again instantly. With the fresh night breeze by the seaside of Dadonghai, Chusheng performed splendidly the live songs of Sing, Singing Love Songs Alone, Journey in Fancy, Someone, which were all from his new album, so as to reward his fans (¡°peanuts¡±) for their passion. Facing the hot people from hometown and other places, he became so excited that, although ineloquent, he expressed with emotion that he had made some special changes to the melody of some songs for this show in order to give something with his band for a long time. Finally, when the melody of Have Anyone Ever Told You That I Love You was playing, his fans (¡°peanuts¡±) could not help screaming, and sang along the whole song with Chen Chusheng.

Epilogue-spring comes after winter, and we are going to see each other next year!
Along with more and more activities under the theme of beach such as Beach Bikini, International Beach Volleyball Contest, Beach Music Festival, the beach culture of Sanya and festival culture characteristics become more conspicuous. The Beach Music Festival this year was made and presented by Huayi Brothers Media Corporation Co., Ltd., in the aim to forge the new brand of Sanya cultural tourism, and bring new consumption surges and entertainment hotspots for Sanya tourism. Spring coming after winter, as it said by the new album of Chen Chusheng, we expect, this time of next year, beach music festival may sing across Sanya beach again, and spread to every corner of Hainan to make everyone love music, love beach, and enjoy the fun of Beach Music Festival!


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