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Introduction of 10 Scenic Spots in Sanya

Set Free Your Heart

Days in Sanya are more like a return journey than a simple travel to me. A journey takes me back to the free world. I face the ocean, stretch my heart. All the chaos of my mood are set into serenity and stretched away by the bluish coastlines. Laying down into the palm of the nature, I can feel the meaning of travel, which leads me to reach a place to set free my heart and find the real me, and teaches me to feel the all inclusive nature and life power, and continuously to explore all possibilities in heart gratification in different scenic areas and at different places and time.

All the 10 scenic areas in Sanya introduced in this issue are places in which you can set heart free and even purify the soul. Each time when my source of happiness is knocked open, I may embrace my sincere honor and unlimited gratitude for the great time. I am grateful, to the ocean the beaches, the sunlight, the trees and mountains, all the beauties run into my eyes and walk into my heart in Sanya. All of them are the works of nature, with unique cultural achievements. They are splendid and spectacular, lighting the long life journey for every world traveler.
Scenic 1 --- Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone
Seaspray¡¯s Symphony with Whispers of Flowers, Compose Buddhists Poems
Nanshan is famous favonian and propitious place remarked by Buddhists. Nanshan cultural tourism zone, as a super large ecotypic and cultural scenic area that is rare in the world, is developed and established based on the unique ocean and mountain terrain of Nanshan and its abundant historical heritage. It is the Chinese largest Buddhist cultural theme travel area approved to be established since the new state establishment, and it is one of the first proved to be established since the new state establishment, and it is one of the first promulgated 5A attractions in China.

Seaspray¡¯s symphony with the whispers of flowers spread all over the world. Go to and pray for serenity and felicity. Soother your heart with the Buddhist culture, appreciate the journey back to nature, and feel the harmony of nature and human, in the poem like dhyana Nanshan Mountain.
Location: Yacheng town, Sanya (30km southwest of Sanya city)
Tel: 86-898-88837888
Entry Price: Adult 150/person; Children 78/person

Scenic 2 ---
Dongtian Park
The Heavenly Abode, Mountain Ocean Scenery
Sanya Dongtian Park, as the utmost southern cradle of Taoism, is a place of interest with the longest history in Hainan. As one of the fist promulgated 5A attractions in China, it has been praised as ¡°the top one landscape attraction in Hainan for 800 years¡± since ancient time, because of its odd and beautiful sceneries of ocean, mountains, stones, and caves,. With the clue of the old Yazhou Culture, integrated with Chinese traditional Taoist culture and Dragon culture, an international tourism scenic area consisting of coastal view, general science education, folk-customs and leisure vacations is exhibited out.

Besides, the Moon Bay leisure area located southeast of the tourism zone is a pure and natural seashore ecotypic holiday resort, which is sitting beside the mountain and round the sea. Established with beach bars, wooden villas, and camping areas, the Moon Bay may receive business as holiday accommodation, weeding and wedding photos, honey moon, and camping exploration, etc.
Location: Yacheng town, Sanya (40km west of Sanya city)
Tel: 86-898-88830188
Entry Price: Adult 135/person; Children70/person

Scenic 3 ---
Tianya-Haijiao Scenic Area
Smell of Coconut Palm, Romantic Love at the End of the Earth
Sitting beside the mountain and around the sea, the Tianya-Haijiao Scenic Area in Sanya is world famous for its charming tropical and natural coast views, long special historical culture, and rich and colorful folk customs and characters. In the tourism zone, blue ocean, green trees, white sands, huge stones and reef rock seems like combined into one, with coconut palm forest, sea waves, boat sails, sea gulls, clouds laying about, which forges the unique charm of coconut and ocean style own by the south state.

The nation-wide famous song ¡°Please Come to Sanya¡± makes ¡°the end of the earth¡± becomes the symbol and another name of Hainan and Sanya tourism. Furthermore, large activities like Sanya International Wedding Festival and the New Silk Road of Chinese Model Look Final, etc. Made Sanya a palace for lovers to express their loyalty to love and a stage for models to present their beauty and attractions, which adds a sense of romance and fashion to the historical Tianya-Haijiao Scenic Area.
Location: Yacheng town, Sanya (23km southwest of Sanya city)
Tel: 86-898-88910131
Entry Price: Adult 65/person; Children 35/person

Scenic 4 ---
West Island
Beautiful West Island, Happy and Vibrant Ocean
Sanya West Island Ocean Culture Tourism Zone, with size of 2.8 square kilometers has beautiful mountains, attractive coral reef, limpid ocean, and soft beach. The seas around it are state level coral reef natural protection area, and also one of universally acknowledged diving resorts.

West Island Ocean Culture Tourism Zone consists of West Island Marine Amusement World and Niuwang Mountain Tourism Area. The former one is a multifunctional island scenic area with water sports, diving views, natural bathing spot, beach sports, coco forest leisure, etc; the latter one is a small island, connecting to the west island, with original island views, superb reef rocks and breathtakingly beautiful sunset and sunrise.

During the process of international resort island establishment, West Island, with its beautiful vision, will be made into the largest comprehensive high-end leisure holiday resort and tourism scenic areas nationwide.
Location: Sanya (17km west of Sanya city)
Tel: 86-898-88910888
Entry Price: Adult 148/person; Children 80/person (boat ticket to/ fro included)

Scenic 5 ---
Wuzhizhou Island
Boundless sea and Sky, Vast Shade of Green
As a cannot miss travel spot in Hainan for middle/high-end tourists, Wuzhizhou Island is both rich and unique in its tropical island tourist resources. With 2.7km coastlines, 1.48 square kilometers size, 1400m east to west length, and 1100m south to north length, Wuzhizhou Island is one of the Hainan islands that possess fresh water resource and rich vegetation cover.

Natural scenery is charming and gentle on the island. Characteristic holiday villas, wooden house and bars, tennis courts, seafood restaurants, and the establishing 5 star grade resort, etc. and about 30 water and beach sports like diving, sea fishing, water-skiing, sailing, motorboat, banana ship, parasailing, sand motor, beach volleyball, etc. shall provide romantic and fashionable leisure holiday experiences to tourists.
Location: Sanya Haitang Bay (38km east of Sanya)
Tel: 86-898-88811777
Entry Price: Adult 168/person; Children 140/person (boat ticket to/ fro included)

Scenic 6 ---
Luhuitou Park
Legends of Mountain and Sea, Romantic Mountain on the South China Sea
Sanya Luhuitou Park is located in the Luhuitou Peninsular southwest of Sanya, with a total size of 82.88 hectare. The park, 275 meters high, is near the Sanya city, and surrounded by sea on three sides. It is the highest point to see the ocean and watch the sunset and sunrise, and also the only best spot to get an entire view of the Sanya city.

Nowadays, Luhuitou is orientated as a theme park of both love culture and nature presentation. The main scenic spots include Shunfeng Platform, Deer Garden, Slide Track, Ziqidonglai, Love Culture Park, Songs and Dances of Li Minority Group, Luhuitou Statue, Peak Garden, View Platform of the North Pavilion, etc. scenic spots in the Love Culture Park are in their specific orders. Every year during the International Wedding Festival, a lot of lovers come here to make solemn pledge of eternal love. As the core zone of forest natural vegetation protection area of Sanya, it also has a lot of nation level and Hainan specific species.
Location: Luling Rd, Sanya
Tel: 86-898-88210808
Entry Price: Adult 60/person; Children 30/person

Scenic 7 ---
Sanya Bay Coconut Tree Dream corridor
Public Beach, People¡¯s Leisure
20km long Coconut tree Dream Corridor is a famous seashore scenery corridor built around the Sanya Bay, and is called ¡°Asia First Street¡±. The east end of the corridor is connected with the Sanya city, while its west end leads to the airport and scenic areas like Nanshan, Dongtian Park, etc, which makes the transportation very convenient. The beach of Sanya Bay has gentle slopes and smooth shape. With dream like cover of coconut trees, the seashore corridor is now the most popular public leisure beach area.

The most romantic time to view the Coconut Tree Dream Corridor is at the sunset, when red dusk clouds are all over the sky. Breathtaking sunset, emerald green tropical vegetation, crowded and leisure sea and Moon Square, dream-like night scene of Sanya Bay, splendent restaurants and high level villas in Sanya, are all beautiful pictures that can be seized, and become the most beautiful memories on the trip.
Location: Coastal area of Sanya Bay, West of Sanya city

Scenic 8 ---
Dadonghai Tourism Zone
Winter Swimming Resort, Natural Bathing Spot
Sanya Dadonghai Tourism Zone is the earliest developed and most mature seaside resort area, which is connected to the downtown of Sanya and is only 10min car drive to the downtown. Dadonghai is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with one side facing the ocean. It posses a 2.8km crescent bay, with oceanic area of 2000 hectares. It¡¯s unique beauty of blue ocean, verdant mountains, green coconut trees, white sands are highly praised by tourists from all over the world.

Dadonghai has excellent water quality, which is warm and with rare sands. The temperature of the water at the coldest time of the year can keep 18-22¡ãC, which makes it an ideal place for dive, sea-bathing and sunbath. Therefore, it is called ¡°the natural bathing spot¡±. Dadonghai Tourism Zone has comprehensive seaside corridor of bars, shopping mall, and seaside plaza, and it can hold many water and beach sports like diving, swimming, beach volleyball, etc. all year round.
Location: Dadonghai Tourism Resort, Sanya
Tel: 86-898-88212680
Entry Price: Free
Scenic 9 --- Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort Area
Most Beautiful Coastlines, Holiday Paradise
Sanya Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort Area is the one with the richest tropical flavor and taste. It is located 25km southeast of the Sanya city. It is planned to be an area of 18.6 square kilometers, and a world class resort area that has seaside parks, splendent villas, meeting centers, high-grade restaurants, resorts, underwater scenery world, water sports centers, golf courses, yacht clubs, etc.

7.5km long Yalong Bay is praised to be the ¡°the first bay in the world¡±. With picturesque natural sceneries, comprehensive resort equipments, unique tourism projects, Yalong Bay has been successfully receiving hundreds of thousands of tourists for sightseeing and vacation for more than 10 years, and wins high consent and favor from all kinds of walks and tourists. Nowadays, Yalong Bay has been world renowned, and become a world famous tourism brand and a holiday paradise that tourists are yearning for.

Location: Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort Area, Sanya (25km east of Sanya city)
Tel: 86-898-88568899
Entry Price: Adult 50/person; Children 30/person

Scenic 10 ---
Tropical Paradise Forest Park
Fairyland Between Sea and Sky in Tropical Paradise
Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is located in the Sanya Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort Area, with a total area of 1506 hectares. It is first forest park in Sanya, which is developed and established according to national forest park for ecotypic sightseeing and holiday resort, because of its utmost natural tourist attractions and utmost high-end services equipments.

The vegetation in the park is tropic evergreen rain forest and tropical semi deciduous monsoon forest. Its resources in biology, geography, astronomical phenomenon, hydrology, humanity are rich launch tourist activities like mountain climbing, outdoor exploration, leisure sightseeing, healthy holiday spending, general science education, folk customs experience, etc. Hainan province is the first ecotypic province in China, and ¡°the tropical paradise¡± shall be the nearest natural forest oxygen bar beside the city.
Location: Yalong Bay National Tourism Resort Area, Sanya (22km east of Sanya city)
Tel: 86-898-38278834
Entry Price: Adult 170/person; Children 90/person (boat ticket to/ fro included)

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