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Home>Learn about sanya>Driving Heavy-Duty Motorcycles to Visit the Aborigine if Hainan

Driving Heavy-Duty Motorcycles to Visit the Aborigine if Hainan

The worship of heavy-duty motorcycle have long standing in my mind, since its strong visual impact and cold metal texture convulsed the youth age in which all are searching freedom and cynical. I have a dream if driving a cool motorcycle on a wilderness long road, passing through the landscape path, breathing the enthusiasm of wind straightly through the deep desire to limit.

Besides the usual route, have you think about what would happen when the motorcycle brought front popular culture into the rainforest and meet the thousand-year-old Li & Miao culture?
Hainan Motorcyclists Gathering in Areca Vale
On the way to Areca Vale (Li & Miao Minority Village), a group of motorcycle drivers broke into my vision with rumbling roar without warming. Weird tattoos, alternative clothing, assertive smile composed a deviated non-mainstream assembly at first glance. But after communication, their warmth, boldness, friendliness flew down all of my mental preparedness immediately. After intimate contact with such a hot-blooded motorsport team, the rebellion factors revivaled after many years¡¯ silence in my blood, reignited the flame of speed and passion.

Then you could imagine how imposing scene it was throughout the way! The excellent drivers from Hainan and foreign countries orderly drove on the tropical sunny road, showing the masculine spirit and manner; the sexy enchanting girl on the back seat became a beautiful magic; bright flags insert on the tail looked like the ready warriors with shining spears and armored horses.

Along the way, two motorsport teams drove to the Areca Vale. What surprised me was that these wild drivers were well-behaved, even in high-speed road they kept formation and never changed. The leader, Mr.Wu said. ¡®They are motorcycle enthusiasts, they love motorcycle but don¡¯t blindly pursuing rapidity. We are willing to comply with strict disciplines; after all, safety always comes first. The maverick though guys couldn¡¯t live as ordinary people, but they followed the proper rules of the game. Therefore, they always maintain high spirit and imaginative positive attitude. When the motorsport teams drove through the road at lightning speed, the passing stranger all had annoyed look and like-minded young people blew the whistle loud and cheered for them.
Fashion Collide with Tradition Primitive Culture Ignited the Modern Passion
When the motor-sport team arrived with din of dust, it was the most bustling time in Areca Vale rainforest. All the motorcycles lined up outside, and the eye-catching symbols¡ªBENZ, BMW, YAMAHA, KAWASAK¡ªon the car body brightened the tourists¡¯ eyes and made them excited. Looking across the mountain and quaint village, it seems that a green arcadia is in front of you. These drivers in companion with machines suddenly fell into suancient fairy land, enouncing the strength and tenderness, while the fashion and ancient civilization combined. Walking in the sinuous civilization combined. Walking in the sinuous path on woodland, we could frequently hear the resonant song from the birds in the deep valley. The Li Minority boat-shaped house scattered on both sides, in which an old lady with facial and body tattoos were leisurely weaving on the simple bamboo bed, with an ancient weaving machine put on their legs. Along the way, we were surprised by the rich intangible cultural heritage and long ¨Chistory national culture. These hot ¨Cblooded youth were feeling the original ecology beauty of the valley, with a childlike novelty on the face. The ebullient Li & Miao men and women were showing their master hands: climb areca, bamboo dance, climb swords, jump into the flames, swallow firebrand, etc. The interlocking performances were signs of dangers appearing everywhere, which made the riders excited.

The most notable driver in the team was ¡®big beard¡¯, who came from Russia. Wearing a white headscarf and a pair of dark sunglasses, he was obviously an authentic foreigner but spoken fluent Chinese. He told me his Chinese name is Chen Zhiyuan, and even showed me how to write his Chinese name. During the interview, I found this husky Russian man¡¯s love of traditional Chinese culture and deep fascination with heavy-duty motorcycle. He has been in China for more than ten years, and now he has
a special affection to Chinese characters and Chinese culture. In Areca Vale, the strong Li & Miao style brought him a deeper understanding of indigenous customs in Hainan. He said, Sanya has good climatic conditions, so that he could unrestrictedly ride motorcycle throughout the year. His only regret was the road conditions, since there were very few roads in Sanya suitable for heavy-duty motorcycle. At present, his greatest wish is to regularize the heavy-duty motorcycle organization, and develop it because only in the standardized system can freely ride all the way.

In the end, the drovers reluctantly bade farewell to Li old lady, men and women. Man y drivers said they were looking forward to participate in such activities again. I felt the softness of those tough guys at that time.

9th August, we organized the 2009 Sanya International Bikini Carnival in Yalong Bay. These fashionable drivers were invited to the carnival as special guests. The whole stage had been seethed with excitement when they drove to the venue with the elegant Bikini girls on their seats. Their arrival brought the beach party to the peak.

Areca Vale:
Ganza Ridge Hainan Indigenous Culture Tourism Zone located at Baoting Ganza Ridge Natural Protection area in the north of Sanya. It is formed by a several kilometers continuous vale, covered with rainforest at both sides. The ¡®Areca¡¯ is regarded as the cultural symptom of Hainan 'Real Master¡¯-Li people. Li people inhabit in the central mountainous area of Hainan. Therefore, you could feel their authentic ethnic customs only by entering into the mystical rainforest valley.
Heavy-duty Motorcycle:
It is known as the high-emission motorcycle, which is one of the most popular sports among young people in western countries. Nowadys, more and more young people who love motorsport have joined and became fan of it although this kind of sport has just started in China. The helmet, knee pads and other safety protective gears are essential for drivers. The roads which suit for heavy-duty motorcycle should be carefully selected and the speed should be properly controlled so that you can enjoy the fun of speeding motorcycle safely.


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