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Focus on Sanya's Personality

Sanya, known as the tropic coastal city for tourism in China, has absolute advantages in location and natural resources in terms of domestic tourism. For transnational tourists, however, to make a choice among the topic coastal cities at the same latitude for their touring destinations, the focus of competition is not necessarily such tropical natural resources as sea, sunshine, sandy beach and so on. The sea area at 18¡ãnorth latitude surely has not so many differences. But what's the unique advantage of Sanya in resources? Such views as air quality, livable environment and so on are virtually competition points for comparison. SPA on Bali Island of Indonesia, Ladymen of Pattaya in Thailand, Maya Ruins of Cancun, Mexico, Hawaii Hula of the USA, the South Korean style of Jeju-do Island etc. they all bearing outstanding features of the country and regional characteristics. Then what about Sanya? What can stimulate the interest of international visitors, in my view, excluding the unique nature tourism resources and various tourism activities with tropical feature like golf, diving into sea and others, is simply the Chinese culture, the local living style, which is long neglected by us and gradually disappearing, or part of which is even on the verge of extinction. 

Scene 1: Old streets of Sanya
If you have ever been to Yacheng, you surely believe Sanya is a place with history. The remained folk houses, having withstood the aging of thousands of years, noticeably show a history of exiling romance on the far end of China. Apart from Yacheng, however, there are only a few such old streets in Sanya.

On an ordinary old street, a simple picture of ordinary living might moved you deeply: a girl was sitting on the back seat of her mother's bike after school and wearing Bougainvillea garb on her head, is passing through the old street. What catches attentions is the native and clear expression in her eyes. To be accustomed to taking photos of sea and sandy beach, but the suddenly emerging picture on such an ordinary street is so touching¡­.. 

Scene 2: Fish Rafts of Hongsha
People reaching Sanya never miss the seafood, which is rich in variety and fresh. But for the highest grade of seafood, no one can compete with that on fish rafts. All the seafood choices there never stay away from sea water. They are kept in networked cases made with bundled plank, foam, and fish net, convenient for tourists to select.

The fish rafts built on the sea are also the abodes of local fishing people and business people in addition to seafood business. The funniest picture is not anything else but when some of the dogs over barking so that losing their feet in t the sea, when it climb up to the rafts unhappily and run away with their tails down at people's laughting. 

Scene 3: Tropical Farms
As everyone knows, Sanya is a tourism city. But agriculture is still the main industry of Sanya. The fruits, vegetables, rice on the island are famous all over the world and sell to domestic market as well as overseas countries. They are also the necessary choices when tourists are buying some specialties for taking home while leaving.

Sanya is rich in ripe tropical fruits around the four seasons for a year. The tropical farms are developed and run in a systematic way. When you walk in to a tropical farm in Sanya, you will see the rural, farming, and plenteous harvest scenery, which shows unique charm of Sanya produces and always give tourists a strong impression. 

Scene 4: Morning Market at Fishing Harbor
the early morning of Sanya port is not an emotional music, still not a saxophone music, but rock and roll of Chinese style. Jut at daybreak, bursts of thunder of motors sound cheerful on the sea. Fishing boats full of various fish are returning one after another to the harbor from deep sea area.

The fish market is at the sea shore, where people are as crowded as the fish. Some people are unloading fish from boats, some selecting fish, while some others are wholesaling fish and some trading, asking for prices and bargaining at night pitch. Looking over at the market, the crowds of fishing people with bamboo hats on their heads, as typically a specialty of South China, the various of sea fish in many baskets, and the fishing boats of all sizes in rows, the bustling scene as well as the exciting and noisy sound form a sight-catching picture of Sanya marketplace and folk living.

Scene 5: Tradition of Li Ethnic Group
Li Ethnic Group is the exclusive minority on Hainan Island. As early as in the period of Qin and Han Dynasty over 3000 year ago, a branch of Baiyue ethnic group in the southern region of China called Luoyue people immigrated to Hainan Island successively. And they were ancestors of current Li ethnic group. Li people are honest and credible, industrious and economical, and live a plain life. They respect the old and care for the young, unite together and help each other. The hospitality and being good at singing and dancing are their common personalities. But due to the differences in their dialects, customs, regional distribution, and cultural characteristics, they are divided into five branches,k respectively speaking Ha, Qi, Run, Sai, and Meifu dialects. Over 3000 years, Li people have established their own culture while developing and constructing Hainan Island. The existing Li ethnic group culture is unique in a wide range of aspects from dwelling houses, clothing, food, instruments, stories, ballads, music, dance, rites, custom, ethics and morals, philosophical ideas, to religious faith.

Nowadays, most Li people live the same life as the Han people. But we may see their culture and history evolvement in some specialized tourism spots to understand their living custom and tradition.

Scene 6: Living Style of Hui Ethnic Group

Hui ethnic group on the island is the descendants of Muslims in the period of Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasty. In recent years, groups of Muslim graves in the Tang have been discovered in Lingshui of southern Hainan Island and the coastal area of Sanya, which prove Muslim people came to Hainan Island as early as in the Tang Dynasty. But the ancestors of the current Hui ethnic group in Fenghuang Township of Sanya city are mostly the Muslim from Champa (now middle to sout5hern area of Vietnam) in the period of Song and Yuan Dynasty for the sake of shunning from wars. They came to Hainan Island with their entire family by boats for settlement.

Hui people believe in Islam religion and do not eat pork. They hold Lesser Bairam, the Corban Festival, and Mawlid al-Nabi (Shengji Festival or the Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed) every year, which have their origins in traditional Muslim custom. Their residential buildings are featured with primitive but typical Islam style as well. As for their dressing style, the majority of them have accepted the same clothing as the Han people over time, except that Hui women still maintain their ethnic dressing custom by wearing kerchiefs. When passing by them by chance, the colorful kerchiefs on their heads look beautiful like unique scenery.



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