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Visit The Natural Museum of Sanya

Fortunately the author got a chance with accompany of Manager of the Sanya natural museum Mr. Yuezhuo Li(annotation) to visit the museum and his personal collections. he not only narrated am Earth life and the biological story for us, but also let us see how a fossil amateur has given his own life to the fossil and the country. Simultaneously let us know the effort and recognition that Sanya Government and traveling enterprise of Sanya Dongtian Park had paid to the development of culture traveling and in draught outstanding cultural resources.
Yuezhuo Li, born in 1960 in Jinazhou city, Liaoning Province. Presently he is the Director of Chinese Academy of Science Botanical Research Institute Plant Branch, visiting professor of Capital Pedagogical University Life Scientific, the member of Chinese Collector Association, manager of Sanya Natural Museum.)

Museum:-The only natural museum in Hainan history
In September 2007, a natural museum comprehensively demonstrates ancient biology, modern biology fossils and the Hainan native zoology and botany specimens had completed in Sanya Dongtian Park. The museum occupied 2,400 square meters, facing constructs towards the South China Sea, the classical construction style is magnetic and with tropics character, the design is profited from the domestic and foreign large-scale museums, through massive assistance of modernized sound, light, electron and so on, it shows a brilliant multi-colors livelily world.

Sanya natural museum is a mixture of scientific research, exhibition and science education; it’s the best supplement of science culture of Sanya traveling. The varieties of the museum’s collections are rich and precious, the multitudinous fossils even has uniqueness, besides the marked fake fossils use as compare sample, and the rest are all genuine. And the only natural museum in Hainan history, it’s also one of the most multitudinous and most important museum in the country.

Person: Manager Yuezhuo Li, known as "the fossil maniac"
Mr.Yuezhuo Li, the Manager of Sanya natural museum is a renowned collector that has 30years experience in fossil collection, repairing and maintenance, other people of the filed call him “fossil maniac”. This man crazily offered his lifetime energy for the fossil. He obtained the 2004 American California Government Prize(annotation)
. The committee confirmed that Yuezhuo Li had a great achievement in collecting and the protecting extremely precious ancient organism fossil, his contribution to protecting precious cultural heritage of humanity is tremendous. He is the only folk figure in China attains the great honor.
: California Government Prize was set by American California State Authority, to give award to the figure who has outstanding contributes in the international arts and culture field. This prize only issues for 10 outstanding public figures every year. In order to guarantee the serious and fair of the award, the committee spends over a year on deep investigation of Yuezhuo Li

In 2003, Yuezhuo Li and his good friend Kun Jiang (well-know crosstalk actor) and Meilin Han (national first grade-arts master) were invitated by Sanya government to attend the 53rd session of Miss World press conference which was hold in Beijing hotel. At the conference, Yuezhuo Li and Sanya Deputy Mayor first meet. Afterwards under Mayor Baiqing Li’s warm invitation, Yuezhuo Li went to Sanya for vacation and inspections many times, the unique tropic seaside style and the superior natural environment of Sanya touched him, but he also felt that Sanya is short of science culture a museum for Sanya just matched his wish, he decided to take all of his fossils to Sanya and stay there forever. Supported by deputy major Baiqing Li and Sanya Dongtian Park, a natural museum featured with ancient creature fossils completed very quickly.

Collection: More than 2,000 ancient biology fossils, outstanding in the field
There are more than 2,000 pieces of fossils in Sanya natural museum, including non-vertebrate, vertebrate, plant, and petrified wood and so on; the fossils are complete branches, precious specimen, and intact preservation, outstandingly in the domestic and foreign field.

Entering Sanya natural museum, the time seems to return to 140 million years ago.

One living creature of each and every item remote antiquity is lucky of is picked out by the great universe. Become to the records of the Earth history: In the dinosaur egg there was little dinosaur before birth but already had the shape; Two little dinosaurs were crying for food; small fishes were playing in the water; ancestor of bird was combing its feather; the food just swallowed were still digesting…… The nature and the time stopped at the minute of 100 million years ago, that accomplished these precious artworks.

Dinosaur fossil is most noticeable in the multitudinous collection, the “Sanya haopterus gracilis” is the treasure of the museum, it’s systematic mane called Stegosaurus, its complete outstanding look is of the first-class, that is a ready assigned as model specimen annotation(annotation)
, it’s unique in the world and deserves to be the nation’s priceless treasure. Repeated as the “20th century astonishingly discovery” the ancient fossil organism of Liaoxi is a focus that took people’s attention, that nearly covered the entire modern biology ancestor.
Model Specimen: appointed typical specimen that owns the characteristic and classification to identify the future discovered creature. Usually it also can be a first new species which is discovered, that owns the uniqueness. The international specimen number of “Sanya haopterus gracilis” is SMNH001).

Before discovery of Chinese Liaoxi bird’s fossil, the world’s knowledge about Paleozoic birds only for the 7 archaeopteryxes specimens discovered by Germany. The discovery of Chinese Liaoxi bird’s fossil made the Paleozoic birds fossil quantity increased to several hundred pieces. These specimens have preserved the feather, stomach and so on important information, are the world rare specimens. The Hyphalosaurus Lingyuanensis of Sanya natural museum collection’s is the biggest individual one (1.1meters), also the most perfectly shaped one; The Confuciusornis sanctus in the museum is a perfect specimen both in integrity and appreciation; The Psittacosaur has preserved the integrity growth series, complete specimen of lchthyosauria and Nothosauridae are of great precious, there are even rare dinosaur embryo fossils, and precious specimens which class are still undetermined, some of them are unique in the world, the latent acientific value is unable to estimate. The experts from Beijing natural museum gave an extremely high evaluation to the collection of Sanya natural museum.

In addition, the exhibited marine specimen were all found in Hainan, among them, the “Eastern wood-Hainan fossil wood” as buried under the ground of Five Finger-Mountain, Wanquan River and the Li-Mu-Mountain for 6000 years long, the characteristic is between wood and stone, reputated as the “ essence of the wood, soul of the tree”, high quality of fossil wood is far valuable than Pterocarpus. It is called “black wood” in the folk, as there is a word saying: “A piece of black wood is better than a box of jewelry in home”, thus it’s preciousness.

Value: Demonstration, collection, scientific research, science education, traveling, extremely big value
Sanya Mayor Zhiyuan Lu said, Sanya is a city need world’s attention, many fossils in Sanya natural museum are extremely rare in the world, there are even some “undecided kind” need further researching and naming, that has an extremely important scientific research and education value.

“The fossil is the prehistoric writing, records and tells the biological story of the Earth life.” Yuezhuo Li said this is the meaning of his effort on collects fossil. We diligently try to make those treasure of the country and human to “live”, let more people appreciate their beauty and value, every year there is increase of new precious collection, hopefully they cam give the tourist the chance to seek the life multiplication of the Earth and to fulfill the science education need, to increase the scientific cultural atmosphere is Sanya traveling, at the same time contribute for buildup of the Sanya city brand.

During the interview, the author discovered several hundreds of carefully prepared “healthy bag” in exhibition hall.

Yuezhuo Li smiled and said that the museum had already become the education base for young people, and those are science bags prepared for the elementary and middle school students. He said that besides the normal research work, the museum will diligently compile the science material to let more people understand the extinct organism fossil, understand the Earth life; understand the Sanya’s historic course of marine life and the native plant.

Demonstration of a part of collections of Sanya natural museum 

The mysterious coincidence-Monjurosnchus splendens: The Monjurosuchus with web on the four feet, the research proved that it was at least a kind of half aquatic primitive reptile. The mysterious mature always has coincidence, when the cruel Monjurosuchuswas holding a small fish in its mouth, the volcanic erupted, that made them eternally. The fossil of Monjurosuchus eats fish in Sanya natural museum perhaps is the only one in this world.
Habitat: Ling yuan, Liaoning
Time: Late Juras-early Cretaceous Period

Sanya haopterus gracilis: The treasure of Sanya natural museum, discovered in Rehe biota settled in Sanya, therefore named as the Sanya haopterus gracilis. The first frliable baopterus gracilis found credibility in Asian mainland. Is the Chinese haopterus gracilis belongs to the ancient haopterus gracilis branch, the whole body covered with hair? Studies confirmed that it’s a new species. Comparing with other haopterus gracilis, it is bigger and the skeleton is extremely complete, the shape is perfect.

Ichthyosauria: The fish dragon is an extremely special kind in the reptile, which appeared 25 million years ahead of dinosaur appeared that known as giant monster domination in the ocean; they were deep sea animals, similar to the modern mammal like whales and porpoises. Sanya natural museum’s collection completely like this one is very rare, its skeleton is extremely clear, that of high appreciation value.
Habitat: Guanling, Guizhou
Time: Previous trias

Psittacosaur: The dinosaur is the most famous kind of prehistoric animal on the Earth. The appeared as early as late Triassic Period 230 million years ago, prospered at the Jurassic Period, exterminated at the late cretaceous period 65 million year ago. Its exterminating also announced in Liaoxi are so many, but Psittacosaur are bigger and preserved finely, even keeping the primary condition could only be able to see in Sanya natural museum, which could be the high-quality in the high-quality.
Habitat: Chaoyang, Liaoning
Time: Early Cretaceous Period

Oolithes speroid: The dinosaur egg fossil, is the egg of the Mesozoic era dinosaur, because of their solid outer covering they became a kind of their solid outer covering they became a kind of rare and special fossil. The shape usually is the egg circular. They could preserve as a whole nest. At present there are more than 200 places in the world discovered the dinosaur egg. But very few of them have the intact dinosaur embryo. This fossil of dinosaur embryo is extremely rare. It has seven dinosaur embryos that soon will leave the shell.
Habitat: Neisiang, Xixia, Henan
Time: The Cretaceous

Four famous stones-yellow agalmatolite: Gathered from the most complete tropical rain forest-Hainan Five Finger-Mountain area, Yellow agalmatolite dissimilar in shape and form, they are wet, smooth, dense, passing, congeals and greasy, of great appreciation value, is one of the four famous stones. Because the yellow is the propitious color, it’s the special purpose for emperor in the history.
Habitat: Lingyuan, Liaoning
Time: Late Jurassic Period-early Cretaeous Period

Cricoiscelosus aethus:
Habitat: Lingyuan, Liaoning
Time: Late Juras-early Cretaceous Period

Eastern wood-Hainan fossil wood: Fossil wood is a non-renewable resource, when unearthed, its finished product will not spoiled, rotten, be eat by insect, or collectors and amateurs. Artworks made by fossil wood are plain dignified, elegant magnificent and expensive, that has the reputation of “the Eastern wood.” The fossil wood of Sanya natural museum maintains its primary condition and do not perform to and carving; there are also some amazing fossil wood artworks.


Information Supplies:

A. Method to distinguish the genuine and the fake fossil
ways to make fake fossil
Imitable carving: is “the most advanced” method, the broadest utilized method;
Molding (the Guizhou dragon, fish, dragonfly and so on);
Carving (mainly trilobite);
Coloring (Guizhou dragon, Liaoning fossil);
Substitutes stealthily (mainly in the parrot mouth dragon, also the skeleton dragon);
Scrunches the fossil bone dust, remakes the skeleton(not uncommon as the cost is high);
Drawing (insect, especially dragonfly wing fossil);
Very few real parts on the fossil, the rest are man made (mainly Henan dinosaur egg).
distinguish method
Observe under the magnifying glasses of 10-20 times carefully. At the same time; comparing with the stratum of the fossil came from;
Blow lightly with a knife. If it is paint draws, there must be the paint falls; if it’s real fossil, there should be no damage. This method is the best way to distinguish genuine fish fossil;
3.        invites the expert to advise

B. Sanya natural museum is located at Sanya Nanshan Dongtian Park, 200 meters away from the gate, the museum is free and facilities with explanation to the tourist, but photographing and shooting are not allowed. The current open time is: 09:00-17:00.

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